Below is a check list of things you may need to do each time you do a billing run. If you hover your mouse over the blue text and click it will take you to the article on how to do the following.

1. Add in your Do not bill periods

2. Entering or ensuring that your Public Holidays have been put into SimplySwim. These will need to be entered in so the system can automatically calculate for these dates to NOT be billed for.

3. If you are changing you pricing for next term then this will need to be done before "Generating Invoices" otherwise it will bill the customers for the current amount. To change the prices you will need to go to "Configuration" then "Price level". Make sure if you are using the Pricing Matrix you also update this to correspond with you price increases.

4. Next up you can start Generating Invoices or commonly referred to as a "Billing Run"

5. Now it is best to go and check the amounts in Outstanding Fees and scan through to make sure there are no abnormal amounts. Anything that you are uncertain about you can click onto the family and check their financials for details.

6. You can now go and check your Statement E-mail before sending. 

7. Now it is time to Send Statements

Please Note: If you are doing your billing run for the first time prior to sending statements please check your statements to ensure all your information is correct e.g. trading name, address, telephone number, ABN, logo, pay in person statement text, bank account details and logo. These can all be added or updated under the configuration tab

We hope this information helps you through the process. If you need any help or have any questions please do not hesitate to Contact Support.