Quick Start Configuration Checklist

This Checklist is to get you started very quickly with SimplySwim. It will allow you get started and have a play with SimplySwim. For a more comprehensive Configuration and to have it set up the best way for your swim school we recommend emailing our Support Crew to set up a time to go through custom Configuration.

These settings can be found on your Configuration tab.

Required Configuration Instructions

Company Set-Up

Fill out all of the information for your centre.
Company Name, Address, Telephone, Email Address, ABN

System Set-Up

For best results the Enrolment section should look similar to the image below.

Price Matrix
This helps SimplySwim give discounts automatically to Students who have more than one enrolment per week or discounts to 2nd or subsequent students in the same family.
Price Matrix Maximum Classes - the maximum number a classes any student could swim in a week Eg. Squad swimmer could come to a possible 11 classes a week (AM - Mon - Sat, PM - Mon - Fri).
Price Matrix Maximum Students - Maximum number of students in one family. TIP: We find 6 is a good number.
Enable Global Family Discount - Enable you to give a percentage (%) discount to families with a certain number or more children. (Leave this option unticked if you do not want to give a global discount).

This controls the look and settings in the Classes Schedule. The settings displayed below work well in most cases. The only one you may wish to change is the Total Number Of Lanes/Areas.
TIP: Time is in 24 hour time to the nearest hour. The setting below will display 5am - 8pm on the Classes Schedule.


Add in a couple of your own teachers names to help you scheduling classes.

Class Assessment Levels

There will be some automatically populated. Edit these to reflect your levels and also add additional if required.

TIP: Make sure the colours are not too dark as black text needs to be seen on the colour.
TIP: Have the Sort Order matching the level progression for ease when creating classes, marking off skills or changing levels.

Price Levels / Class Price Structures

There will be some automatically populated data in here. The automatic data is great for having a play around with SimplySwim to see all of its features.
Have a look at the Price Structures and the Price Matrix to become familiar with them, when the support team do the custom configuration it is a great help if you are familiar with this powerful module.

Editing or Adding a Class Price Structure

Editing or Adding a Price Matrix

Family Discount Matrix

This is where you can set a percentage (%) discount for families.
The example below is set to give all families with 4 or more students a 10% discount on their fees.

Fee Calculation Templates

Fee Calculation Templates is how the Class is Billed. To get started Edit the automatically populated one to be the same as the image below.
When our Support Crew help you with the Custom Configuration we will work out the best settings for your business.

Public Holidays

If you do not trade and do not charge for public holidays SimplySwim will calculate this Automatically. To be able to do this the Public Holidays will need to be set. An example of some Public Holiday's is below.

Do Not Bill PeriodsDo Not Bill Periods are used to stop billing over a certain period of time - e.g. if you do not run regular classes during school holidays.

Add in a description (e.g. 2021 Easter Holidays), select your Fee Calculation Template to which the "Do Not Bill Period" applies. Select your date range, then click "Add do not bill period".

Now you have your Configuration Set-Up the next thing to to is.

1. Create Classes --> View our Create New Class guide.

2. Add a New Family --> View our Adding a New Family guide.

3. Do a "Billing Run" to create invoices, and attendances. --> View our Bulk Invoice Generation guide.

Last updated 24th January 2022 by Kylie McGrath

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