Applying a Family's Payment

Modified on Mon, 11 Mar 2024 at 03:43 PM

The main way to apply / receipt / record a family's payment or voucher is through their Family file / screen. 

Some payments - such as online payments and some direct debit payments (depending on the payment provider) - are automatically receipted to the family's account.

You can get to a Family in multiple ways - typing their name or partial name in the "Quick Search" bar, searching from your Families tab, or clicking on their name from your Attendance screen are the quickest ways to find a family.

A shortcut that will take you directly to Step 2 in this article is to click on 'Payment' on that family from your Attendance screen:

Applying a Payment to a Family Account

1. From the family's screen in the "Finance" section, click on the green "Make a Payment" button.

2. On the "Make a Payment" screen:

                        1. Select your payment date (defaults to 'today's date' but this can be changed to any date)

                        2. Enter the payment amount (NOTE: if configured [Configuration -> System Setup -> Payments and      

                            Receipts -> 'Set the default Amount to Family Balance when making a Payment'], the family balance 

                            will automatically display)

                        3. Select the Payment Type (the available options are set from Configuration -> Tenders)

                        4. Click on the blue "Apply Payment" button.

3. Make sure all details on the following page are correct then select the blue "Process Payment" button.

If they are incorrect, click "Cancel" or "Back to family". 

NOTE: If you have the tender type set to "Collect note on payment", this second confirmation screen is where you will be able to enter the note:

4. Now click on the "(Back to Family)" button. This will take you back to the Family screen.

5. You can see that the payment has been applied to the family and their balance adjusted accordingly in the family's "Finance" section.

Last updated 11 March 2024

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