My Attendance Screen is Blank or Missing

Modified on Mon, 11 Mar at 11:20 AM

You will be happy to know when your Attendance screen is blank, it is generally a very quick and easy fix as 99.99% of the time it is because a "Billing Run" has not been done for the date(s).

Attendances and Invoices are linked and are both created when a billing run is done.

You can check your billing run dates by going to your Administration tab, and clicking on "Auto Generate Lesson Invoices". The dates displayed are the dates last run. 

EXAMPLE the dates shown in the box are the dates last run for the "General Billing" Fee Calculation Template:

If the date(s) you are needing are NOT included in the date range displayed for your desired Fee Calculation Template, then you need to run your invoicing.

If you need assistance with the steps to do a billing run, click on the article below:

Bulk Invoice Generation

What if the date is included but the Attendance screen is still blank?

If you have done a Billing Run for the date(s) and attendances are still not appearing, please check 

Configuration -> Public Holidays and 

Configuration -> Do Not Bill Periods 

to see if the date(s) have been blocked from being invoiced by one of these. 

If there is a Public Holiday or Do Not Bill Period for the date(s) required, you will need to contact Support to remove the H attendances these created for the date(s) before invoicing and attendances for the date(s) can be generated.

If there is not a Public Holiday or Do Not Bill Period in place for the date(s), please contact Support.

Last updated 11 March 2024

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