Bulk Invoice Generation

To create attendances and invoices for the period you will need to do what is commonly referred to as a "Billing Run".

1. Click on the "Administration" tab.

2. Click on "Auto Generate Lesson Invoices" in the Bulk Processing Section

3. Select the Fee Calculation Template you wish to invoice for. Then Click Next.

Note: the previous invoice history appears here to help you make your selection.

4. Select the dates you wish to bill for. The start date should be the first day in that billing cycle/term and the end date should be the last day lessons will be on for that billing cycle/term. Click the green "Process Lesson Invoices" button.

Note: the previous invoice dates appear here as well.

5. A Pop-up will appear asking if you are sure you wish to proceed. If you are click ok. If you want to cancel click cancel.

6. A message appears informing you that the process will begin. 

Once the process is completed attendances for the period will appear as will invoices on the families account.

PLEASE NOTE: At this stage no statements have been sent out to families. This is a separate process we advise you do after checking a few family accounts to ensure they were billed correctly.

Click this link to find out more on how to Bulk Send Statements.

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