Enrolling a Student into a Multi Class Enrolment

The most common uses for Multi Class Enrolments is when enrolling a student into a Squad or a holiday program.

1. Make sure the Multiple Class Template has been set up. For instructions on how to create these if you haven't already done so, click the articles below.

Setting Up Holiday Programs

Creating Multi Class Enrolment Templates

2. Go to the Student Information Record and click on the "New Multi Class Enrolment" button in the "Current Enrolments" section.


3. Select the Multi Class Enrolment Template you want and click "Continue".

NOTE: The list of templates showing will be unique to your centre and the Multi Class Enrolments you have created.

4. The next screen allows you to check the multi-class. Make sure the student name and Enrolment template names are correct.

The start date and end date are automatically set to the first lesson start date and the last lesson end date for the multi-class selected. You can override this if need be, but it is automatically set to these dates for your convenience.


The table shows you the day, time, level and teacher for the classes. It also shows the "Class Max" (being the maximum number of students set for the class) and "Future Enrolments" (being the number of students currently enrolled in the class). So in the example below, the Class Max is 5, and the number of enrolments is 1, meaning there are 4 spaces available. You can still book students in if the enrolments are at the Class Max level, so this is something to make all staff aware of and to take responsibility for checking. If you do not want the classes overbooked, you will need to go back and select a new multi-class to enrol the student into.

The fields below the table are all optional. You won't need to tick the hold spot as they are all future enrolments. If you want to set a special price, you need to tick the box as well as put the price in the field below.

Once all is correct, click Save.

Your Student will now be enrolled in all of the classes belonging to the selected template.

Last updated 28 May 2021

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