Staff Guide to Booking a Make-Up

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Staff members can book make-ups for students from the student's Family screen.


Any make-up block date ranges or blocks on classes / class levels apply only to make-up bookings made through the Customer Portal. Staff do not have these restrictions. If you do not want staff booking make-ups into any blocked dates/classes etc in place, make sure they are aware of these.


**The very first thing to make sure of is - does the student have a Student Level set? If not, set them a level. The system searches for make-ups based on Student Level.**

No Student Level set, no classes will show as available:

With Student Level set correctly if there are classes available they will display:

Booking a make-up as a staff member:

1. Go to that student's Family screen.

Students with available make-ups will have a "Book Class" in the make-up column. 
In the example below, Amelia has 1 make-up class available and her brother, Asher, has none. 
Make-up balances will automatically update when a make-up is awarded or booked.
If your access level permits, there is also the ability to manually add or remove a make-up using the + or - symbols.

2. Click "Book Class".

3. The following screen shows the student name and any make-ups in a dropdown window. Generally just click "Next", you do not need to change the selection in the dropdown window.

NOTE on dropdown list:

Make-ups are ordered from earliest missed lesson to latest missed lesson.

If a make-up has been manually added, this will say "Non Allocated Make-up" OR have a class level not necessarily matching the student's with a date of 31/12/1999.

4. The next screen will display a list of classes of the student's level with availability. Select one of the classes and click the save button.

IF NO CLASSES are displayed either there are no available vacancies or the student does not have a class level assigned to them.

If you are looking for a make-up class in a period that has not been invoiced, the class will display in red with a warning Not invoiced yet. We do not recommend booking into classes that have not been invoiced to avoid potentially overbooking the class.

5. The final screen is a confirmation screen showing the make-up class details. If correct, click "Confirm Make-Up Booking" to finalise the make-up.

6. Confirmation will return you to the student's screen. In the student's Attendance section, the make-up lesson will appear with a gold asterisk next to the lesson day, date and time to indicate the make-up lesson.

They will also be on your attendance screen:

Your classes screen will also show the student's name in italics with asterisks:

IMPORTANT NOTEYou will only be able to see class vacancies available for make-ups in the length of time you have configured, e.g. 8 days, 15 days etc. To check your configuration settings for make-ups, go to Configuration > System setup > Scheduling and check the "Makeup weeks in advance" and "Makeup Days in advance" fields. We recommend to set this no more than 2 weeks and 15 days to limit the possibility of overbooking classes, but you can configure this setting to be any length of time you wish.


Make-up Class Balance / Bookings - Troubleshooting

Last updated 3 November 2023

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