Whether an experienced user or new to SimplySwim, you may on occasion need to contact the Support Team. 

All communications go to SimplySwim's Support System where an automatic reply is generated acknowledging receipt of your email, this reply email will contain a Ticket Number. The ticket number allows you and the Support Team to track the progress of the ticket and also reference it at a later date if necessary.

Help & Support

The best way to contact the Support Team is via the blue "Help & Support" tab located on the right side of your SimplySwim webpage. This will give the Support Team easy access to your webpage for a more efficient & faster response. You are able to Search Articles relating to the issue, attach files & take screenshots from the page you need help with.


SimplySwim Support Email Address: support@simplyswim.com.au

E-mail Support Inclusions:

To assist the Support Team as much as possible in answering your ticket it would be very helpful and save a lot of time if you could include the following:

  1. Your SimplySwim Site ID (b110_ _ _)
  2. Family ID or Student ID number if relating to a family or student.
  3. A description of the problem with as much detail as possible.
  4. Screen Shots if applicable.


You can also contact us via phone on 1300 01 SWIM (1300 017 946)