Setting Up Holiday Programs can be done very easily if you follow the steps below.

1. You will first need to create a "Fee Calculation Template". You will want to call this "Holiday Program" or whatever you wish so you can differentiate between your normal term program and your "Holiday Program". To do this go into the "Configuration" tab and under "Class setup" click on "Fee Calculation Template". 

Here you can create your template. 

Template name =         Holiday Intensives / Holiday Programs / Holidays

Prices are set per =     Week (Per lesson rate say $20 per lesson and they can do as many days in the week that they want                                               the customer will be charges according to how many days they are booked) 


                                        Term (If your customer pays a flat rate for the week say $100 for 5 days or how ever many days but                                                 they always pay the full $100 )

Frequency of Invoices / Billing =  Flexible Date Range

2. Now you will need to set up a Price Level for Holiday Programs ( ONLY if they differ from your term amounts). To do this go to the "Configuration" tab and under "Class setup" click on "Price Level"

Here you can add in your pricing for the holiday programs. (If they are paying the flat rate for the week of say $100, you will need to put this amount under "Default Per Class Amount")

If you only charge the one amount of say $15 per lesson no matter how many lessons or siblings they have then that is all you need to do. If you offer discounts for siblings and amount of lessons the you will need to ensure the Price Matrix is set up according to how you are charging. See article Setting up a price matrix

3. Now to set up classes, In the "Configuration" tab under "Utilities" click "Add Multiple Classes"

4. Fill out the details. And click Add Multiple Classes. All the details in this field are really important to ensuring your bookings a seamless so please take the time to ensure they are all correct.

The classes for the entire week have now been created and an enrolment template for Easy Enrolment into those classes has been created.

5. Now you can do a billing run for the "Holiday Program". You can follow the Bulk Invoice Generation article on how to add charges for the holidays. You will follow the same process except you will want to select "Holiday Program" as your "fee calculation template". Once this process has been done you can start adding children into the lessons and it will add the lesson amounts to the families finance section.

6. To see how to enrol the students into the classes easily click the article below.

Enrolling a Student into a Multi Class Enrolment Template