Setting Up Holiday Programs

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Setting up Holiday Programs can be done very easily if you follow the steps below.

If this is the very first time you are setting up holiday programs, start from:

Part One: Fee Calculation Template setup.

If you've done this before, skip to either:

Part Two: Create / Update Pricing

Part Three: Create your multi-classes and enrolment templates. 

Part Four: Attendances and Invoicing for holiday program


PART ONE: Fee Calculation Template setup


- You only need to complete this step the first time. 

There is no need to create a new Fee Calculation Template every time you create holiday intensives or multi-classes.

1. Go to Configuration -> Fee Calculation Template.

2. This will display your existing Fee Calculation Templates (your list will look different to that shown below as it is centre-specific). If you do not yet have one for your intensives, click on the green "Add Fee Calculation Template" button.

3. Here you can create your template. Recommended settings are shown below. 

a) Give the template a name. You can call the template anything you like (Holiday Intensives / Holiday Programs / Holiday Lessons / Intensives etc).

b) Prices are set per week (class) - this means if you charge $100 for a 5 day course, you would set your price level to $20 per lesson.

c) Frequency of invoices / billing: set this to "Flexible Date Range". This means you can manually select your dates.


PART TWO: Create / Update Pricing

This section goes over creating your holiday price levels or updating your pricing. If you don't need to do either of these, skip to Part Three: Creating Your Classes and Enrolment Templates.


- We recommend having a separate price level for your Holiday Programs, especially if you have discounting for your normal pricing but do not want to pass on this same discounting for your holiday program. 

- If you only charge a default price amount per lesson (no discounting for subsequent enrolments or students) you can use existing price levels.

- You can have multiple price levels if you wish to charge different amounts for different programs.

- If you want to separate out your holiday programs from your regular classes by Revenue for reporting purposes, you can create a separate Revenue Type (go to Configuration -> Revenue Types -> "Add Revenue Class"). This would require a separate price level.

Creating a Price Level

1. Go to Configuration -> Price Level.

2. This will display your existing Class Price Structures (your list will look different to that shown below as it is centre-specific). If you do not yet have one for your intensives or you need to add an additional price level, click on the green "Add Class Price Structure" button.

3. Fill out the details.

a) Price Level Name: give the price level a name, e.g. Intensives, Intensives 5 day, Intensives Private, etc

b) Default Per Class Amount: enter the default class price without the currency symbol, e.g. 20.00. 

Note: this is the per class/day amount, so if you charge $100 for a 5 day program, you would set the default price to 20.00.

c) Billing Order Priority: You can put a priority sort order or leave to the default setting.

d) Display Order: You can put a display order or leave to the default setting. We recommend putting a display order so that your price levels display in the same order each time when setting up classes or setting a price override.

e) Revenue Type: Select your appropriate Revenue Type.

f) Tax Level: Select your appropriate Tax Level (if applicable).

g) "Exclude this Price Level from Enrolments per Student pricing calculations": 

     - if you have discounting per student enrolment that you do not want included for your holiday lessons, tick this box

     - if you do not have discounting per student enrolment, you can leave this box unticked.

h) "Prevent Global Discounts being applied to this Price Level":

     - if you have Global Family Discounts configured but do not want this applied to the holiday price level, tick this box

     - if you do not use Global Family Discounts, you can leave this box unticked.

When finished, click the blue button "Add Price Level".

4. If you want to build sibling discounts into your pricing, you can then click on "Edit Price Matrix" next to that class price structure and enter your pricing. Note that an empty box will charge the default amount. You only need to complete this step if you want to offer discounting. Refer to this article for further information: Setting up a price matrix.


Updating Pricing

If you need to update an existing Class Price Structure:

1. Go to Configuration -> Price Level.

2. Click on the Description name of the price level that you wish to update to change the Default Price and then "Save Changes".

3. If you have discounting in your price matrix, click on the green "Edit Price Matrix" button for that price level to adjust and save changes.


PART THREE: Creating your Classes and Enrolment Templates

These steps will need to be completed each time you wish to create a new holiday program or multi-class program. 

1. Go to Configuration and click on "Add Multiple Classes (Holiday Intensives)".

2.  Fill out the details. All the details in this field are really important to ensuring your bookings are seamless, so please take the time to ensure they are all correct. 

Start and End Date: 

Typically you would create these classes one week at a time.

You can do multiple weeks at once BUT if you are adding the classes into an enrolment template (which you will want to do for an intensives program), it will enrol the student in all weeks in the template. If you only want to book students in for one week out of three for example, create your classes week by week.

Days of Week to Create Classes for:

Tick the boxes for the days of the week you want the classes in that date range.

Class Details:

Enter the details as you would for creating a class: time, duration, area, max students, teacher and class level.

Price Structure and Fee Calculation Template:

Select your intensives pricing and fee calculation template. This is important to get right so that the right amount is charged for the dates of your holiday lessons and not for your regular lesson dates.

Block Portal Makeup Bookings for this Class:

If you tick this box, these classes will be blocked from make-up bookings through the customer portal.

"Add all Classes to Enrollment Template" and "Enrollment Template Name" *

It is important to tick this box and to give your enrollment template a name. The template groups all of these classes together under the one template name meaning you can click to enrol a student into this template and it will enrol them into all of the classes in that template, you don't need to enrol into each class individually. For this reason we recommend that you have some kind of standard naming system that you use, like:

Week - Time - Class Level - Class Teacher 

and that you sort your templates in order of week and time just to make it easy when you are going through your lists to enrol.

When you are finished, click "Add Multiple Classes".

Repeat this step for each of your classes that you need to add to your holiday program.

*If you forget to tick the box to add the classes to an enrolment template, that's ok, you can create a template and add the classes you have created into a template, you do not need to create the classes again. Refer to these articles:

Creating Multi Class Enrolment Templates

Editing Multi Class Enrolment Templates in Bulk


PART FOUR: Attendances and Invoicing for holiday program

Before you do a billing run for your intensives, it is a good idea to go to Configuration -> Enrolment Templates and then click on "Bulk Update" next to each enrolment template to ensure all of the classes are on the correct pricing and fee calculation templates so that classes can be billed correctly. Update where required. 

Note: A date of 1990 or 1970 indicates a deleted class. Please contact Support with details for assistance.

Now you can do a billing run for your holiday program / multi-classes. 

You can follow the Bulk Invoice Generation article on how to add charges for the holidays. You will follow the same process except you will want to select your holiday program fee calculation template.

To see how to enrol the students into the classes easily, refer to the article below:

Enrolling a Student into a Multi Class Enrolment Template

Last updated 09 November 2023

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