Class Assessment Levels setup

Every Class & Student is assigned an Assessment Level.  

Assessment Levels are a way of identifying how a student is performing, and the level at which the student is progressing with lessons. It is how you group students of the same skill level together.

 To set up assessment levels follow the steps below.

1. Go into the "Configuration" tab.

2. Under "Assessment Levels" click on "Class Assessment Levels"

3. Below is an example of a currently configured Class Assessment Levels list displayed for review.  

4. To start creating your own Class Assessment Levels, click the 'Add Level' button. 

Level short name should be more like a shorthand code for the level long name (for example LTS1 = Learn to Swim Level 1). 

TIP: Think about the sort order you want for your levels. Have them in the sort order from lowest to highest - this way when you are selecting a level from a dropdown menu, they will always appear in the same order. See above image for an example on the sort order. Enter the sort order you want for each level as you create it (you can change this later if needed).

5. A colour can be assigned to each Class Assessment Level for easy identification during class scheduling. This colour will appear the same for each class of the same level on your "Classes" screen.

When completed, click the 'Add Level' button to save your new Class Assessment Level.

Back on the main "Class Levels" screen, you can click on the yellow folder icon next to a level to edit it. This is where you add in your Certificate Layout templates (if you have the certificates module subscription) and add in your assessment level skills. See the following articles for information on how to set these up:

Adding skills

Certificate Field Setup and Configuration

Last updated 26 April 2021

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