Marking Daily Attendance & Printing Rolls

NOTE: Your attendances screen will only show attendances if you have done a billing run, as attendances are linked to invoicing. 

1. Day-to-Day attendance functions are performed in the "Attendance" tab.

2. Today’s "Attendance" records will be displayed as below. 

3. The "Attendance" screen lists each class & class notes, teacher, lane/area, the students enrolled in the class, family contact for each student, family's fee balance and the available attendance options (Attended or Reason) in time order.

A class in bold red means it is past the time of the class and attendances have not been marked.

A class in bold black means it has not yet started.

As you mark attendances in your classes (for the entire class), the earlier classes will "disappear" from the screen, and the next current class/es will be displayed at the top for the current day, so you are always up-to-the-minute on your attendances screen.

It also shows the following symbols.

4. If all Students have attended, you can click "Mark ALL as Attended", and this will mark all students in this class.

You will see this marks everyone as attended:


To mark students off individually, simply click the green "Attend" button if they have attended the class, 

or select a non-attendance reason and click the grey "Non Attend" button if they were absent. 

(Each centre will have different reasons as these are custom to your centre).


You can mark any students who are absent with the applicable "Non Attend" reason and then mark the rest in bulk if you wish by clicking "Mark ALL as Attended". 

5. The attendance screen also shows the current balance for the family. A green value indicates a $0.00 balance, or an In-Credit value. A red value indicates that this amount is to be paid. If there is a warning sign in brackets after the amount, that just indicates how many days since the last payment was received in this family's account.

6. Bulk Communication via SMS can also be performed from the Attendance Screen. There are two options for this. Either to a particular Class, or to ALL students for the day.

7. To send an SMS to ALL classes for the day, click "SMS ALL Students/Parents"  at the top of the page.

8. To send an SMS to a specific class, click "Send SMS to this Class" on the required class.

9. To send an SMS to ALL Teachers for the day, click "SMS ALL Teachers" at the top of the page.

Daily Attendance Report

1. A detailed daily attendance report / roll / check-in sheet can be printed for each day by clicking the drop down box next to "Reports". 

2. This produces a PDF report that details each class (in time order) for each instructor for the day. It includes lane information, any Class notes, Student notes as well as level details for each student. The family contact information is also displayed on this report.

Marking Future Attendance Records

This can be used if a customer wants to notify they will be going on holidays or absent for a certain period in advance.  You can then use these absences as times for others to do make ups if you wish.

1. Go into the "Student Information" screen. Under "Attendance" you can click on a yellow folder

2. In this screen you can mark the "Non Attendance Reason" and click "Update".

3.  Depending on your configuration this will then allocate a make up lesson to the child. (If you have make ups set up on your SimplySwim site)

Last updated 7 May 2021

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