Multi Class Enrolment Templates are used to add students into selected classes at once. tis is used for Squad programs where the students may come every day or for Holiday Intensives.

1. Go to Configuration.

2. Click on Enrolment Templates

3. Create and enrolment template name with as much detail as possible especially for holiday intensives. As much detail as possible makes it easier when you are booking the students into the template.

An example layout for Holiday intensives may be in the following format Program Type - Date or Month - Class Start Time - Class Level - Class Teacher

An example for Squads would be as follows Squad Name - AM or PM or All

Click "Save New Enrolment Template"

4. Click on the green "Add Modify Classes" button

5. From the drop down select the classes you wish to add to the template. And click "Add Class"

Repeat this until all of the classes are added to the Template. 

Note: Classes that have a future dated start date will appear that the bottom of the drop down list with the commencing date next to it.

To find out how to enrol the students in these templates read the below article.

How to Enrol a Student into Multi Enrolment Templates