1. Go to the "Student Information" screen. Under the "Current Enrolments" section click on the "End Enrolment" button on the class that you wish to end for the student.

2. Select the "End Enrolment as at" date We recommend your end date to be set as the day after the students last attendance. You can also put a reason for leaving. Click on the blue "Continue" button.

3. The classes ticked in this screen are the classes left over until the end of your Billing cycle/ Term / Month (lessons the customer has paid for). If you leave the classes ticked it will credit the money back to the "Family Information" screen under the "Financials" section. 

If the child is just changing days you want to keep these boxes ticked so it will give the customer a credit so when the child is re-enrolled into another class it will use those credits to make the family balance back to $0. 

The only time you would untick the boxes is if you want the customer to still be billed for these lessons (eg. they might be withdrawing during the term and you do not offer refunds/credits). Click on the blue "Continue" button.

Please Note: If you untick the boxes because you don't want the client to be refunded for these lessons it will un-enrol the student. However their attendances for the remainder of the billing period will remain. To remove these attendances you will need to apply a Non-Attendance reason such as Canceled Enrolment to setup a non-attendance reason please read the article Creating Non-Attendance Reasons.

4. Once you have clicked on the blue "Continue" button as above, you will now be back on the Student Record screen. Click on green "New Class Enrolment" button.

 5. This will open a new page with days and times available for the student based on the students assigned level. Click on the day and time of your new class.

6. Check the following information. You need to be very specific with dates as this will affect the customers billing. Make sure your end date of the previous class and the start date of your new class are not within the same week. Apply hold spot if required and press the blue save button.

7. Choose your pricing calculation for this enrolment for the remainder of the current billing cycle.

Automatic Calculation: SimplySwim will calculate the billing position based on Student Enrolments and number of other enrolled students in the family.

--------------------- OR ---------------------

Price Matrix Selection: Select the position in the price matrix that you would like the enrolment charged at for the remainder of the current billing cycle.

NOTE: this selection is for the current billing cycle only. For the new billing cycle SimplySwim will calculate lesson values.

Click Save.

8. It will bring you back to the "Family Information" screen. Here you can see the student is now enrolled into the selected class.

Please note: You can also follow the previous steps from the students screen and click on the green "New Class Enrolment" button.