Editing Multi Class Enrolment Templates in Bulk

You have the ability to edit multi class enrolment templates in bulk, so that a change will be carried across each class associated with that template.

To first create your templates, see the article: Creating Multi Class Enrolment Templates.

To edit a template, follow these steps:

1. Go to your Configuration tab and click on "Enrolment templates".

2. This will bring up all your multi-class enrolment templates. For the template you wish to update, click on "Bulk Update".

3. The next window will bring up the existing class information, and options for you to make changes. You can tick one or more of the field boxes and make the necessary changes. 

You must tick the checkbox or the change will not update. 

When completed, click "Apply Bulk Update". The class information in the "Current Class Settings" table will update.

NOTE: This window will not close, you will need to click back to whichever tab you want to go to next.

4. If you make a change that is something to do with your enrolment template title, the template title will not automatically update. In the example below, the teacher was updated to "Peter", but you can see the template name still says "Kylie". So you will need to go back to Configuration --> Enrolment Templates.

5. Find your template and click on the yellow folder next to the template name to edit it.

6. Edit your template name to update it and click "Save Template Name".

You template name will now match the changes you made in the bulk edit.

See these articles for more information on multi-class enrolments:

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Last updated 28 May 2021

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