Family Alerts

Modified on Wed, 14 Feb 2024 at 10:30 AM

Family Alerts are a pop-up message on a Family file. These alerts can be used to make staff members aware of any important notes relating to the family. The alerts will display as a pop-up message when viewing the family's file.

To add a Family Alert, first go to the family's file. Then:

1. Click on 'Family Notes & Alerts' in the grey bar beneath the Family name and contact details.

This section is separated into two distinct fields.

'Alert Notes' - relate to a pop-up alert that will display when viewing the family file.

'General Notes' - relate to any notes on the family. These can only be viewed when clicking on 'Family Notes & Alerts'.

2. Enter the important notes in the 'Alert Notes' section.

For the Alert to display on the Family file and as a red flag on the Attendance Screen and Family screen, tick the box 'Alert Enabled'. 

When finished, click 'Save Family Notes'.


The Alert is now active. 

NOTE: If the 'Alert Enabled' box is not ticked, the alert text will not display as a pop-up and the red flag indicating that a Family Alert exists will also not display. The box must be ticked to enable the alert to display.

Once an alert is created / displayed, it will be suppressed for 3 minutes for that user. This allows the user to perform any actions on the Family record without having to dismiss the notification each time they are directed back to the Family screen. The suppression time applies at the user session level, so if a different user views the family file, they will see the alert.

Alerts display as a pop-up window on the Family screen. They can be dismissed by clicking on the X in the top right corner to close the box.

Alerts are also displayed with a red flag on the attendance screen and the family screen.

Can Family Alerts be seen by the Family through the SimplyPortal App or Customer Portal Website?

No. Alerts are only visible to users in SimplySwim. These alerts do not display in the portal.

Last updated: 14 February 2024

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