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There may be times when you need to login to a family's portal, or, you may be a new user of SimplySwim and/or are introducing the customer portal to your families for the first time and want to see what they will see before launching it.

You need to refer to this article for configuration options to set up your customer portal: Configuring Your Customer Portal.

1. To login to any family's portal as a staff member (or from your test family to see what a family can see in the portal according to your configuration settings), go to that Family.

2. In the grey bar below the Family Contact Information, click on "Edit Customer Portal Options".

3. Click on "Login to NEW Portal".

This will log you in to the family's portal. You will see a bar at the top of the screen that indicates it is a staff logon.

Please note, if you are on the Elite subscription package and utilise Policies & Agreements, you will not see these pop-up as they would for the family when they log in in to the portal in the normal way. This is intentional so that there is no possible way for staff to agree to policies that you have set in place of the customer. You can however see and perform all other functions as the customer would.

Refer also to: How to tell your families about the Customer Portal

Last updated 27th July 2022

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