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Temporary Teacher Replacement allows you to assign a temporary replacement teacher for a single date and class or for a date & time range replacing one teacher for another.  Once a replacement teacher has been assigned, notifications can be sent to the Family Attendance contact advising them of the change.  Additionally, replacement teachers are displayed in the Family Portal for upcoming Attendances and when viewing Makeup Class bookings.

Viewing Temporary Teacher Replacements

Taking a look at the day-to-day display of a class with a Temporary Replacement Teacher, the Attendance screen displays a new icon to alert staff of the teacher change.

The Class will show the updated Teacher, while hovering over the new icon alert shows you the original/usual teacher for the class.

Drilling-down into the Class will also display the Temporary Replacement teacher assigned to the Class

Attendance Reports (PDF) have also been updated to show Classes where a Temporary Replacement Teacher

An overview of all Classes with a Temporary Replacement Teacher is available from the Attendance Screen.  

This lists all the Temporary Teacher Replacements for the date selected.

Adding / Editing Individual (per Class) Temporary Replacement Teachers

Individual (per Class) replacements are added from the Class Information screen, by clicking the 'Add Teacher Replacement for xxxxxx'.

Enter the required details and click 'Save Teacher Replacement'

To view all Teacher Replacements, go to Configuration -> Teachers -> Temporary Teacher Replacement.  

Adding Temporary Replacement Teacher for a Date / Time Range

Adding a date/time range for a replacement is done via Configuration -> Teachers -> Temporary Teacher Replacement.  This replacement applies for ALL classes the Original Teacher is assigned to for the duration of the date/time range entered.

Be sure to check both the Start and End Date / Time to ensure the correct values are entered.

Sending Notifications to Families

Notifications can be sent to the Attendance Contact for Students where they have an Attendance scheduled for a Class that has a Temporary Replacement Teacher assigned.  Families can be notified by Email and/or SMS.

To send notifications once replacement details have been entered, go to the Attendance Screen for the day/date you wish to send notifications for.  Click 'View Teacher Replacements' to show the list of all Classes with Teacher Replacements for that date.  Select each class you wish to send notifications for using the checkbox on the left hand side.  

Once the required classes have been selected, click 'Send Notifications'.

Select the communication method needed (SMS and/or Email), then select who should receive the notifications. If you have multiple changes during the day, you can select 'Students not previously notified of the most recent Teacher Replacement'.  This prevents multiple alerts for the same class/change combination being sent to Families, yet still allows any Families that have not yet received an alert or when another teacher change has occurred to still receive the notification.  If, for any reason, you need to send a notification to all families, ignoring if they have already received it previously, select the Send to ALL Students option.

Message templates for these notifications can be modified as needed by going to Configuration -> Communication Preferences > Email / SMS Templates.

How are Temporary Replacement Teachers displayed in the Family Portal?

When a class has a Temporary Replacement Teacher assigned it is displayed with a label of '(Temporary Replacement)' for existing scheduled Attendances, displayed only for the dates where a replacement is active.

The list of available Makeup Classes shows the teacher assigned to the scheduled class (including any replacements), however an additional indication that the teacher is replaced is not displayed.

Order of Teacher Replacements

When SimplySwim calculates which Teacher to display for a class, the following order is applied:

  1. Original Class Teacher
  2. Teacher Replacement set by Date Range
  3. Teacher Replacement set by Individual Class

An example of this:  If a date/time range replacement is applied AND an individual Teacher replacement is applied, the Individual Teacher Replacement will be the Teacher displayed and recorded for that class.

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