Importing BPay Payments

Modified on Wed, 5 May, 2021 at 11:10 AM

Banks currently supported:  NAB

File formats supported: BRF (BPay Remittance File)

1. Download the BPay Remittance File (BRF) from your Internet Banking / Bank Portal

2. Go to Administration > Upload BPay Remittance File (BRF)

3.  Click the Choose File button, then select the file from step 1.

4.  Once the file is selected, click the Upload button

5.  The file will be uploaded into SimplySwim and processed, ready to be posted.  During the upload process payments will be set as either Matched, Not Processed or Unmatched.

Payment records that are not able to be matched to a family will display as Unmatched.  These payments must be manually matched to a family using the Match button. 

6.  When all matching is completed, the imported payment file must be 'Processed'.  Complete processing by clicking the Process Imported Payments button.

7.  Select the Tender Type that will be used for the imported payments, then click Process Now.  You may need to create additional Tender / Payment types for BPay if one does not already exist.

8.  Payments will be processed into SimplySwim using the same family notification settings as manual payments.  Depending on your configuration SMS and/or e-mail payment notifications will be sent.

Unmatched Payments

Any unmatched payments will remain as an unmatched payment until it is either removed or matched to a family.

Duplicate Payments

All BPay payments have a unique reference number.  Should you attempt to import a payment that has already been imported previously an alert is displayed for each payment that SimplySwim calculates to be a duplicate.  Please ensure duplicate payments are reviewed / removed before proceeding.

Errors/Corrections provided in the BPay Remittance File

There are times when a negative value will be posted in the BPay file from your bank.  This is normal.  At times, corrections or reversals will be received and will need to be processed to a family account in SimplySwim.   Should this occur please contact your banking institution for additional information regarding the payment / correction.

Last updated 5 May 2021

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