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Modified on Fri, 12 Apr 2024 at 02:48 PM

Push Notifications can be created and used for Communication Campaigns or Individual messages, delivered directly to the SimplyPortal App.



Push Notifications will only be sent to the SimplyPortal App.

The receipt of Push Notification alerts is controlled entirely by the end user (the family) and whether they have enabled / allowed notifications when installing the SimplyPortal App on their device(s). 

Whilst SMS and Email messages will go to all families that meet the individual / communication campaign conditions, Push Notifications will only be received by families who have downloaded the SimplyPortal App and allowed notifications and this should be kept in mind, particularly for any urgent messages. You will need to encourage your families to enable / allow notifications from the SimplyPortal App so that they will receive these notifications. 

A user with notifications disabled / not allowed in the app will still see the Notification in the SimplyPortal App by clicking on the "Notifications" menu item, but they will not receive an alert for the message. Any unread notifications will display an 'Unread' badge.


Push Notification Custom Message Templates

Push Notification custom message templates can be created from Configuration -> E-Mail / SMS Templates, exactly as you would create an Email or SMS message template.

1. Create your template as normal by clicking 'Add Message Template' and then select 'SimplyPortal Push Notification' as the Template Format.

2. Locate your newly created template from your template list and click on the yellow edit folder to add your notification message content.

3. Add in a 'Message Title' and Message Body and 'Save Message Template'.

Push Notification System Message Templates

Push Notifications relating to system messages are available for Make-up and Teacher Replacement Reminders. Where a push notification is available on a system message, you can edit the content by clicking on 'Edit Push Notification' relating to that message template.

Sending a Push Notification

You can send your custom template as a Communication Campaign, selecting 'SimplyPortal Push Notification' for the 'Campaign Destination' and create and send your campaign following the usual steps.

Alternatively, you can send a template or create a Push Notification message directly from a Family's screen IF they have the SimplyPortal App downloaded and are showing a registered device (see image below). If they do not have a registered device (i.e. have not installed the SimplyPortal App), you will not have the 'Push Notification / Template' option.

Family with a registered device:

Family without a registered device:

General Information - How do I know a Push Notification has been sent or read?

Individual Notifications

Clicking on 'Devices & Notifications' on the Family's screen will show you the device name, date and time last seen, if a notification has / has not been read and if it has been deleted.

Bulk Notifications

If you have sent out a Push Notification via a Communication Campaign and you want to check in bulk what has been sent and if the message has been read, go to Configuration -> Push Notifications (under the 'Logs' heading) and enter the date you wish to view. This will display a list of notifications for the date, the family it was sent to, and the read status.

Customer's Point of View

When a Push Notification is sent and families have enabled alerts / notifications, they will receive a notification alert on their device. 

An App Icon Badge will also display on the SimplyPortal App widget for iOS devices when there is a new unread Push Notification Message.

On opening the app, an unread notification banner is displayed at the top of the home screen on iOS devices:

New notifications can be read by clicking on 'View' on the banner alert, or all notifications can be viewed at any time from the 'Notifications' menu option. Any unread messages will show an unread badge.

Clicking on the 'Notifications' menu item will show all Notifications, with the newest at the top of the list. Unread notifications are highlighted, similar to an email inbox with a 'New' badge.

The family would open the message they wish to view and they will then have the option to 'Delete' or go back to 'Home'.

Last updated 12 April 2024

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