Editing a Class

If you need to edit any details of a class, follow the below instructions:

1. Click on the "Classes" tab.

2. Find the class you wish to edit and click on the underlined class time and level.

3. On the class information screen scroll down and click on the "Edit Class" button.

4. From here you can edit the class details 


  • If you change the price of a class after you have done a billing run the price change will not be represented on the families' financials until the next billing run.
  • You have the option to update the level of all students in the class to match the level of the class, but this will only update if the level of the class is changed as well.
  • If you edit the end date of the class and there are discrepancies between the end date of the enrolled students and the end date of the class, you will see a screen appear like shown below. The end date of the class will not be changed until until the discrepancy is amended.

5. Click the blue "Save/Update" button.

Last updated 21 September 2021

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