Making changes to your classes schedule

This article provides some best practice tips and tricks on making changes to your classes schedule if:

- you make substantial changes to your schedule each term or 

- you start your schedule from scratch each term / each season.

You don't need to wait to make these changes. If you are careful with your dates and follow these instructions, you can make your changes for the following term at any time.

Remember, your Classes screen shows your weekly schedule. You Attendance screen shows your attendances on any particular date (attendances will only populate if you have invoiced for those dates). Your Public Holidays and Do Not Bill Periods entered in Configuration prior to billing will block those dates from being invoiced and will appear blank on your Attendances screen).

If you have a perpetual schedule and only want to make some minor adjustments to classes (e.g. change of teacher), refer to this article: Editing a Class.



Substantial Changes to schedule for new term

For any current class/es that you need to change for the next term, you will need to:

Step 1 - end any current enrolments in the class/es for the date immediately after their last lesson date in this class.

You need to do this from the student screen - click on "End enrolment". 

Put in an end date for the day after their last lesson date in the class (do not tick or fill out the exiting section if the student is not exiting the centre) and complete the ending of enrolment. The enrolment will still sit under the "Current Enrolments" of the student until the end date has passed.

Step 2 - edit the class to have an end date of the end of the current term (click on the name of the class, either from the Classes or Attendance screen, and then click "Edit Class" in the middle bar of the Class Information Screen). 

  • Note 1: you will not be able to end the class if there are any enrolments in the class past the end date you have entered for the class. This is why you need to end any enrolments for the class first.
  • Note 2: It is best practice to end a class and create a new class for the following term if you are making substantial changes (e.g. change of time/level). This is to preserve your history.
  • Note 3: You are unable to delete a class if it has ever had enrolments in it. This is to preserve your history.

Step 3 - create a new class from your Classes screen. Make the start date as the first date of the class in the new term.

Step 4 - add your enrolments into the new class (if any). You can do this as per normal either from the student screen or from the Class Information Screen for that particular class. You only need to put a hold spot on these enrolments if they are not starting from the first lesson date of the new class.

The current and future-dated enrolments will show on the student like the below:

 indicates current ongoing enrolment

 indicates future dated enrolment

Repeat the above steps for each class you need to change / end / create.


Starting from scratch each term / each season

If you know with absolute certainty that you are going to start from a completely clean slate each term / each season, when you do your initial setup each term you can create your classes and enrolments with an end date of the end of the term / season. Your classes and enrolments will then only show up until this date. 

The pitfalls of this can be if there is some kind of extension to your term / season. If there is, you would need to edit the end date of all your classes to extend them, and add in additional enrolments to applicable students to enrol them in the extra dates.

If you leave all classes and enrolments as ongoing when you do your setup (that is, leaving the default end date), you will need to end all enrolments and all classes for the end of the term as described above. 

Alternatively, you can contact Support and request that this be done in bulk - please specify an end date for all enrolments and classes.

  • Note: Without a current enrolment, the status of all students and families will be Inactive. If you need to send out any bulk communication campaigns before you have setup your new schedule, you will need to add in a condition "last enrolment ended" to capture your most recent enrolments.

Once your enrolments and classes schedule have been ended, you can begin the process of rebuilding your schedule and enrolling students.

Last updated 28 June 2022

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