Sending Enrolment Details to Families

Send the details of each student's Enrolments by email individually (by family), or in bulk via a Communication Campaign.

1. Check that your Student Enrolment Advice E-Mail template is correct. Make any changes you require by going to your Configuration page then clicking on "E-Mail / SMS Templates" and then click on the yellow Edit folder next to the "Student Enrolment Advice E-Mail".

2. Everything contained within the %% signs is a Merge Field - meaning this information will automatically fill from SimplySwim. The standard template is below:

The %%CURRENTENROLMENTS%% merge field will display Class day, time, level, teacher and next lesson date details as shown below:

The %%CURRENTENROLMENTSWITHAREA%% or %%StudentCurrentEnrolmentsWithArea%% merge fields will both display Class day, time, level, teacher, Area/Lane Designator and next lesson date details as shown below:

How to send to a family individually

1. When a new family enrols into lessons or a family has forgotten their enrolments, you can send this information to a family with the click of a button from their family screen. Just click on "Send Enrolment E-Mail" in the Students section of the Family screen:

How to send in bulk

If you want to send student enrolment reminders in bulk, you can:

- include the %%CURRENTENROLMENTS%% or %%CURRENTENROLMENTSWITHAREA%% merge field in your statement email template so that will be included with your statements; or

- you can send a Student Enrolment Reminder email in a Communication Campaign. For more information on creating campaigns, see this article: Creating Email & SMS Campaigns

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to send the Student Enrolment Advice E-Mail template in bulk in a communication campaign, you will first need to change the Template Type to be "Generic non-system message" and then save it. You will then be able to select that template message in your communication campaign. Don't forget to switch it back to be "Student Enrolment Advice E-Mail" once you've sent your campaign or it will no longer work from your family screen!

Last updated 4 November 2021

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