Duplicate families within your SimplySwim account can cause issues such as allocating payments to the incorrect account or preventing families accessing the parent portal and therefore we recommend that duplicate families are archived within the system.

Below are the recommended steps to follow.

Open the family you wish to Archive and select Edit Family Name & Address

Cut the Family Contact Name / Parent Name details and paste these into the Address Line 2 filed. Enter the word Duplicate into the Family Contact Name / Parent Name and delete all other data. Then select Update Family Information.

Delete all contact details by pressing on the red circle and select ok to confirm

If you wish to store a copy of the families contact details cut them from the contact value fields, select Family Notes and paste the contact details in the Family Notes field along with any other notes you may wish to record for the duplicate family and then select the blue save family notes tab.

Next you will need to select the first student 

Remove the students first and last name and paste into the student notes field and select the blue update student information tab.

Repeat this step for all students.

Once these steps have been completed, the family and students will no longer appear when conducting a family search.

If you need to locate your archived families, type duplicate into the quick search field and click the search button. 

A list of your duplicate families will be displayed. You will now be able to search the address field for the duplicate family you are looking for and click the word Duplicate associated with the family to access their archived account.