How to Archive a Duplicate Family

Modified on Thu, 15 Apr 2021 at 02:48 PM

Duplicate families within your system can cause issues - such as allocating payments to the incorrect account or preventing families accessing the parent portal. If you do have a duplicate family, we recommend archiving the duplicate family in your system so that only the correct family account is active. Make sure you archive the correct family account.

You can call these families "Duplicate" or "Archived" - pick a term that works best for your centre and stick with it for consistency.

Below are the recommended steps to follow.

1. Open the family you wish to Archive. We recommend copying and pasting all contact details into the "Family notes" section - Parent name and address, email and phone numbers - before making any changes to the family account. Save/update the family notes.


2. Select "Edit Family Name & Address".

3. Copy the "Family Contact Name / Parent Name" details and paste these into the "Address Line 2" field. 

Enter the word "Duplicate" or "Archived family" into the "Family Contact Name / Parent Name" in its place and delete all other data. Then select "Update Family Information" so that the changes will save.This is what the field should now look like:

4. Check you have saved the contact details in the "Family notes" section. Delete all contact details on the main family screen (email addresses and phone numbers) and click on "Update" to confirm the change. 

(The reason to remove the contact details from here is so that there is no doubling up in the system for communication campaigns, customer portal logins etc).

5. Next you will need to archive the student/s. 

  • Click on the first student to open up their details. 
  • Make sure they do not have any current enrolments. If they do, you need to end them. 
  • Put their first and last name in the "Student notes" field. 
  • Change the "First name" to "Archived" or "Duplicate", change their "Last Name" to "Student". This is really important to do, incase you need to reactivate them or incase you forget to un-enrol them from a class. If you don't call them anything, you won't be able to select them. 
  • Click "Update Student Information".
  • Repeat this step for all students. 

Once these steps have been completed, the family and students will no longer appear when conducting a family search for that name. HOWEVER, if you need to locate your archived families, type "Duplicate" or "Archived" (whichever word you chose) into the quick search field and click the search button. 

A list of your duplicate families will be displayed. You will now be able to search the address field for the duplicate family you are looking for and click the word Duplicate associated with the family to access their archived account.

Last updated 15th April 2021 by Jo Rogers

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