Customer Portal Login Issues - Troubleshooting guide

Multiple Family Records

A common error received by families trying to register / login to the portal is that their email is associated with multiple families:

To check this, 

1. Enter or copy & paste their email address into your Quick Search bar, tick the "search by contact value" box and search.

2. If more than one family has the same email address associated with it, they will appear in your search list:

3. Remove the email address from the family it should not be associated with (if inactive, you can cut and paste the email address into the family notes of the inactive family - make sure to update the contacts so the email address is no longer showing). If you have a duplicate family, archive the duplicate family (How to Archive a Duplicate Family).

Once the duplicate email is removed, the family will be able to access the portal.


Recaptcha Failed

Occasionally customers may receive the below message: 

1. Ask them to clear their browser cache and cookies and try again.

2. Also check their bookmark is the correct portal address if they have saved the login screen to their favourites. Suggest they update it (you can copy and paste your portal address from your Configuration screen).


Email address not associated with a Family

Occasionally customers may receive the below message:

1. Check the spelling of the email address is correct in SimplySwim and that there are no spaces saved at the end of the email address. Update and save if needed.

2. Check that they are attempting to login to the correct Customer Portal address (you can see your correct address on your Configuration screen - sometimes if you have multiple locations, families may click on the incorrect link on your website).


Family not receiving the registration email confirmation or forgot password email

They should receive the email confirmation or forgot password email within minutes. If they have not received it, common reasons / causes are:

1. The email has gone to their junk or spam folder. Ask them to check.

2. The email was blocked. Check your email delivery failures list and contact Support to clear any email blocks or spam reports to allow emails to be delivered to the family again. Ask the family to put your centre's email address in their trusted contacts / mark your email address as safe.

Last updated 24 June 2022

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