Managing Swim Australia’s “SwimFREE Australia” initiative in SimplySwim

Modified on Fri, 16 Apr 2021 at 12:18 PM

Managing this fantastic initiative in SimplySwim can be done a number of ways. Below is the recommended way to ensure the participants in the SwimFREE Australia initiative continue on as a student of your swim school.

We recommend that when booking in a family as part of the initiative you make it clear that they get 4 free lessons and the balance of the “Term”, “Month” “Block” will be added to their account.

For those centre’s using Direct Debit, have them fill out a Direct Debit Authority informing the client that it will not commence until after the 4 free lessons have occurred.

Configuration Changes

Referral Sources:

 - Set up a referral source called “SwimFREE Australia”.

POS Items:

- Create a POS Item called SwimFREE Australia. If you have multiple price levels that you would enrol the students in you would need to create multiple POS Items (e.g.: SwimFREE Australia - LTS, SwimFREE Australia - Babies)

- The Sell Amount would be the total value of the 4 lessons as a negative (e.g.: -68.00)

- Select your relevant Category

-Tax Type & Revenue Type would be the same as what the tax type & revenue type would be for the price level you would enrol them into.

Enrolment Process

- Create the new family with the Referral Source set to SwimFREE Australia.

- Create the Students and add them to the classes as per your normal enrolment processes.

- In the finance section of the Family Information Screen, click the green Add Invoice button.

- Leave the dates as the date you are processing the enrolment.

- Select your POS Item in the drop down box and click “Charge to Family”

The Family have now been charged for the remainder of the billing cycle they are enrolling in and then a credit in the form of the POS Item has been applied to their account.

Direct Debit

- If you are collecting their Direct Debit Authority, you can enter this in SimplySwim with an effective date of 4 weeks after they have enrolled, or it may be a day or two early depending on your direct debit cycle.


- Track the number of enrolments by the number of POS Items of the credit you have sold. Run the POS Items Sold report for a specific date range.

- Track the number of New Families using the New Families by Referral Source Report for a specific date range.

- Use the referral New Families by Referral Source report to track whose 4 free weeks would be expiring. For example run the report for a week, but the dates of that week would be for 3 or 4 weeks prior. Theses new families in that date range would have their 4 free lessons expiring soon.

Last updated 16th April 2021 by Jo Rogers

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