How to Create A Class

1. Click on the "Classes" tab then click the green "Add New Class to Schedule" button.

2. Fill out the following information for the class.

TIP: Remember the Start Time is in 24 hour time, so a 4pm start needs to read 16:00

Ensure you have the correct Pricing Structure and Fee Calculation Template set for the class as this determines the accurate billing for the class (see these articles if you need help with this: Fee Calculation Templates, Setting up a Price Matrix). 

Ensure you have the correct ability level (see this article if you haven't set this up yet: Class Assessment Levels setup).

We suggest leaving the end date to the system default - essentially this means the class will not end. Why? The majority of students will continue at the same day and time unless they let you know otherwise or unless they progress to a new level, both of which will trigger an enrolment change for those students only. Why do 100% of the work each term/billing period when only maybe 10% of people will need changing? You do not need to worry about the dates coinciding with holidays or pool closures as customers will only be charged for the dates that you bill them for (see Bulk Invoice GenerationDo Not Bill Periods).

If you put an end date in (say if you re-set your classes each billing cycle), the class will disappear after that date, and you will need to create them again from scratch each time. (If you need to locate ended classes, contact support for assistance).

Once you have entered all your information, click on the blue "Add Class" button.

3. You are now able to see your class under the "Classes" tab for the day and time you specified. If you hover your mouse over the class time it will give you the following details. 

You can now enrol students into these classes. See this article for more information: Adding a student to a class & enrolments

Last updated 3 May 2021

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