Creating Non-Attendance Reasons

Modified on Wed, 12 May 2021 at 12:27 PM

Non-Attendance reasons are what you use to mark off a student's absence. You can have multiple non-attendance reasons, and each can be tailored to suit your centre's needs.  

1. To create a Non-Attendance Reason, go to your Configuration tab then click on "Non-Attendance Reasons". You can add or change non-attendance reasons at any time.

2. To add a reason, click on the green "Add Non Attendance Reason" button.

3. You will be presented with this screen.

  • Non Attendance Reason Name: give the reason its own unique name - this will be what you see from your drop down/attendance reasons menu when marking off an absence/attendance. For example: "Notified - Make-up", "Not Notified", "Illness - Portal", "Holidays - Portal", "Attendance Credit", "Medical Hold" etc.

  • "Notes Required": tick this box only if you require additional notes to be added when using the non-attendance reason in a student's file or on the attendance screen. This is generally only needed say if they have broken their arm and you have a medical hold on a lesson or something similar and you want to include extra notes.

  • "Make-up Given": tick this box if you would like the student to be allocated a make-up when the non-attendance reason is used in the student's file or on the attendance screen. If you leave this unticked, they will not receive a make-up for the absence.

  • "Show in Customer Portal" - tick this box if you would like the non-attendance reason to show up in the customer portal when families are notifying absences through the portal. It is a great idea to give the Portal reasons a different name or terminology so that you know the reason has come from the portal. For example, you could have "I am sick", "Something came up", "I am on holidays" etc, or you could have "Illness - portal", "Holidays - portal", etc. If you do not tick this box, the reason will not be visible in the customer portal.

  • "Issue a Credit Invoice for the calculated lesson amount" - tick this box if you want the dollar value of the lesson credited back to the family's account.

  • "Display Order (Number 0- Top)" - add a number between Zero (0) and One hundred (99) to indicate the order in which the non-attendance reasons appear when marking a student's attendance, 0 being the first to appear and 100 being the last to appear. You can have more than one reason on the same number.

4. Once you have set up your reasons, you will now be able to select from them when marking a student as absent or when processing a bulk non-attendance. If the "Customer portal" option has been ticked, these will be the only reasons that display in the portal for customers to select from when notifying you of an absence.

Last updated 12 May 2021

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