Billing for Memberships (Membership Renewals)

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NOTE: If Memberships are replacing existing / being used instead of class billing (e.g. Squads), before you do any billing or membership renewals make sure to set your Price Levels for these classes to be 0.00. Make sure to change the default price (click on the name of the Price Level) and the price matrix if you had filled this out (click on Edit Price Matrix). You would then still run your billing (Auto Generate Lesson Invoices) when needed for these classes as normal so that you generate your attendances.

Step One: Membership Exclusion Dates

If there are any dates in your next Membership Renewal Period that you do not want to charge, these need to be added into the "Membership Exclusion Dates" in Configuration BEFORE you renew your Memberships. These work the same way as Public Holidays and Do Not Bill Periods but are specifically for Membership. Dates will only be excluded from Membership charges if you put them in as Membership Exclusion Dates before renewing your memberships. 

Exclusion dates (if entered before Memberships are renewed) will not be billed. Members will be charged a pro-rata amount - the membership fee will be broken down to a daily fee for the period, and the exclusion dates will be deducted from their membership fee. If you want to charge the flat rate and not make any deductions for public holidays or closure dates, do not include any dates in the Membership Exclusion Dates.

If you need to exclude any dates from being billed for Memberships, follow these steps:

1. Go to Configuration.

2. Click on "Membership Exclusion Dates".

3. To edit an existing exclusions date (only if you have not yet invoiced memberships) click on the yellow edit folder next to the name. 

To add a new exclusion date range, click on "Add Membership Exclusion Date".

4. Complete the details and click "Save Membership Exclusion Period".

- enter a name for the exclusions dates in the Description field (e.g. 2023 Easter break)

- select the Membership type to be excluded. If it is for all memberships, leave it on the default for all memberships, otherwise select the applicable membership from the dropdown menu.

- enter a start date and end date. This is the first date of the exclusion to the last date of the exclusion period.

Step Two: Billing for Memberships - Membership Renewals

To generate your invoice charges for memberships, follow these steps:

1. Go to Administration.

2. Click on "Auto Generate Membership Renewals".

3. Tick the boxes of the Memberships you wish to renew and click "Next".

4. The next screen will list all Memberships you selected on the previous screen to renew. The start and end dates are automatically filled for any pro-rata'ed memberships. For any rolling memberships you will need to select an end date (anyone with a membership falling due in that date range you select will have an invoice created). Once you have entered your dates, scroll to the bottom and click "Next".

5. Perform a final check of dates and click "Process".

You will receive the usual processing message as shown below, and should receive an email when the membership renewal process is started and finished.

Step Three: Sending Statements

As with invoicing for classes, sending out Statements is a separate step. This allows you to check some families and make sure all looks correct. Statements will include anything invoiced - classes or Memberships - so generally you may wish to send these at the same time. Refer to this article for sending statements:

Sending Statements by Bulk

Last updated: 28 April 2023

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