Updating your lesson pricing

Modified on Thu, 14 Jul, 2022 at 2:30 PM

Do you have an upcoming price increase? This article shows you how and when to update your lesson pricing in your system. 

If you haven't yet set up your price levels, refer to this article: Setting up a Price Level and Price Matrix (lesson pricing).

When to change your pricing in your system

You need to update your pricing BEFORE you run your billing for your next block. 

The new pricing becomes effective as soon as the price update is saved. 

No changes occur to already billed enrolments. All new enrolments and any changes to existing enrolments will be billed at your new price levels from the date of the change, for tips on how to deal with any change of enrolment in the time between price changes, see below.

How to change your pricing in your system

1. Go to Configuration.

2. Click on Price Level.

3. Click on the name of the price level (in the description column) to change the default price amount and click "Save Changes".

4. If you have filled out your Price Matrix for that Price Level, you will also need to click on "Edit Price Matrix" for that level and update your pricing there as well.

Tips / things to note:

- Remember that your classes and enrolments are linked to your price levels. Just edit your existing price levels. You do not need to create new price levels unless you specifically need new price levels and will be changing / creating classes to be attached to the new price level.

- If you run direct debit, your current billed dates are not affected by your price change, so run your debits as per normal.

- If you have already updated your pricing and an existing student changes their enrolment in your current billed period, they will be credited back the amount that they were initially charged. If you want to charge them the "old" pricing for the remainder of the current block and the new pricing from the start of the new block, you will need to create two enrolments: 1) for the remaining lessons in the current block with a special price, and 2) an enrolment from the start of the next block for your new pricing.

- It is best practice to communicate your price increase to your families prior to the increase. To see how to send out a Communication Campaign to families, refer to: Creating Email & SMS Campaigns.

Last updated 14 July 2022

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