Adding a Government Voucher

Modified on Wed, 01 Dec 2021 at 11:32 AM

Adding a Government issued voucher - for any various state vouchers such as Active Kids, First Lap, Splashing Back, KidSport, Fair Play etc - is a simple step of adding a new Tender Type in your Configuration so that you can then select this from your payment screen. 

You can follow the steps in this article to add in a tender (payment) type: How to create a new Payment Type / Tender.

In a nutshell for adding a voucher tender type:

1. Go to Configuration and click on Tenders.

2. If you need to add a new voucher tender type, click on "Add Tender".

3. Put the Voucher name as the "Tender name". 

We suggest to tick "Collect note on payment" so that you can record the voucher number and/or child's name.

If you run an export to Xero, put in the Accounting Asset Code required.

You can add a sort order if you wish.

Then click "Add tender".

An example:

The voucher will now be available in your payment screen. 

To process a voucher payment, click "Make a payment" from the family finance, enter the amount and date, select the tender type and click "apply payment".

The second payment screen is where you will add in your note (eg. voucher number, child's name, any info you want to include) and click "process payment".

You will then receive your confirmation of payment message:

Tender / Payment Field Definitions when adding a tender type

Field NameDescription
Tender NameName of the Tender / Payment Type.  This is displayed internally and externally (statements, receipts, on-line portal).  Be sure to clearly describe the payment type.
Sort OrderThis value controls the display order of the Tender when shown in a list of all Tender types.  More common / popular Tender types will have a lower value than internal / administrative tender types.  (Values: 0 to 100)
Is this a CASH TenderCash tenders are included in the daily bank amount and will activate the Cash Drawer to be opened (if cash drawer installed / in use)
Is this a CHEQUE TenderCheque Tenders require additional information to be collected.  Tender amount is included in the daily bank amount.
Is this an ELECTRONIC TenderElectronic Tenders (EFTPOS, Direct Credit, EFT etc) are not included in the daily bank amount.
Accounting Asset CodeIf using the Accounting Package Export functions, this code is the 'Asset' account in your accounting package. If unsure, leave it blank.
Send SMS on ReceiptFamily Payments only: if enabled, send an SMS receipt to the Family for a payment of this type.
Send E-Mail on ReceiptFamily Payments only: if enabled, send an e-mail receipt to the Family for a payment of this type.

Send Detailed Information to Accounting PackageIf using the Accounting Package Export functions, this option exports individual transactions to your accounting package - instead of a daily total.  Best used for Direct Credit payments that can be easily reconciled in your accounting package.
Collect Note on PaymentIs a note / additional information required when processing a payment of this type?  (eg: Voucher number or reason for internal credit)
Exclude from Last Payment calculationsDo not include this tender in payment calculations for 'Last Payment' date on a Family record.  eg:  an internal credit does not reflect a payment was made by the customer.

Last updated: 1 December 2021

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