Certificate Design and layout is completely up to the swim school and we recommend that it incorporates as much of the branding of the business as possible as the certificates will be shared on Facebook and when doing so they are displayed as thumbnails on the post.

Required Document Specifications:

  • File Type: JPG or Jpeg
  • File Size: up to 2.5mb

Recommended Document Specifications:

  • Document Size: A4 - you can upload other sizes however for printing purposes A4 is recommended.
  • Document Orientation: Portrait or Landscape
  • Document Margins: At least 7mm on all sides.
  • Colour: Full Colour - keep in mind the amount of ink used when printing your certificate.

Design Tips:

  • Create A Border: even a basic border makes the certificate more defined.
  • Use your Logo: this will be shared online so being able to see your logo is a great marketing tool.

2 base files have been attached to this article for you to use as a guide and a starting point.

Examples of certificates....

Landscape Level Progression Certificate

Portrait Level Progression Certificate:

 Encouragement Certificate colouring in design