1. Go to the "Configuration" tab. 

2. Under "Assessment Levels" click on  "Class Assessment levels". 

3. Select the yellow folder icon next to the class you wish to add the skills to.

4. In the skills section at the bottom you can add a "Short name/code:" - this is the abbreviation which will show on daily class list. You need this to be small and abbreviated as when this shows on the  and a description. 

Eg -Short Name/Code: 10m A BCKC = Description: 10 meter assisted kick on back. 

5. Once you have added skills to each level you can go into the individual student and update their skills. (This can also now be done through the attendance screen also - see step 7. )

6. Here you can tick if competent and leave the cross if still working towards or use the sliding scale to represent the child ability at that particular skill. 

7. You can also do the above process by clicking on the "Update Student Skills"  This will bring up the skills for all the children in this particular class.

8. Now your class and children's skills have been updated, you will see this on your daily class attendance list.