Adding skills

After you have set up your Class Assessment Levels, you need to edit each level to add in skills for each level, and a certificate layout (if you have the certificates module). When a student's level is set, you can then mark off their skills particular to that level.

1. Go to the "Configuration" tab. 

2. Under "Assessment Levels" click on  "Class Assessment levels". 

3. Select the yellow folder icon next to the class level you wish to add the skills to.

4. In the skills section at the bottom, add a "Short name/code:" - this is the abbreviation which will show on daily class list and will appear in brackets next to the long skill name. The short name/code is what appears on the student screen and daily class lists (printed from your attendance screen) so you need this to be small and abbreviated. Most people use a numbering system, for example 1.1 is LTS Level 1, skill 1.

5. Once you have added your skills, you can go into each one to edit them by clicking on the yellow edit folder next to that skill. You should do this for every skill, as it allows you to set it as a Pass / Fail (which is a tick box) or a Sliding Scale for the assessment.

When you have set your skill, click on "Update".

6. Now that all your skill levels are set, you can update  a student's skills either through their student screen, or through the attendance screen.

Updating skills from a student's screen:

scroll to their skill level, fill out as appropriate and update:

Updating skills from the Attendance screen:


7. Now your class and children's skills have been updated, you will see this on your daily class attendance list. 

Last updated 26 April 2021

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