1. Click on the "Classes" tab.

2. Find the class you wish to edit then click on the underlined class time and level.

3. On the class information screen scroll down and click on the "Edit Class" button.

4. If the class has no current or future enrolments or attendances SimplySwim considers it safe to delete and the screen will appear with a RED "Delete Class" button. Click the button and the class and all of it's history will be deleted.

5. If the "Delete Class" button does not appear SimplySwim believes there are current or future bookings or enrolments in the class. If the enrolments have been ended with today's date SimplySwim still sees them as current.

IF you are sure you have removed all of the attendances and enrolments you can change the last class end date to be a date prior to today's date and it will be removed from the future schedule.

Changing the end date will also keep the class history.

6. From here you can edit the class details then click the blue "Save/Update" button.

PLEASE NOTE: If you change the price of a class after you have done a billing run the price change will not be represented on the families financials until the next billing run.