Once your payments have gone through to your bank you are able to upload a QIF file into SimplySwim for it to mark off payments against the families.

1. Log into your internet banking.

2. Select your relevant bank account and generate transaction listing based on credits only for your selected date periods. 

3. Export the data to a QIF file with the date format of DD/MM/YYY and save the file to a folder on your                         computer. 

Please Note: It is important that you keep a track of the dates you have previously exported to ensure you do not upload the same date as in a previous QIF file otherwise the payment will be allocated to the family twice.

4. Go into SimplySwim and click on the "Administration" tab.

5. Click on the "Upload Payments File (QIF)" button.

6. Click on the "Choose file" button and select the QIF file you downloaded and saved from your internet banking in step 1.

7. Click on the "Upload" button

8. The QIF file will then automatically match payments ready for processing based on the families reference number from SimplySwim. 

9. If the family does not use their family reference number as a reference for their payment SimplySwim will be             unable to automatically match the payments with the relevant families. These payments will need to be matched to the correct family manually. To do this click on the "Match" button next to the name.

10. In the family name field start typing the name of the family you would like to match the payment with and select the family from the drop down option. This will move the family into "matched payments awaiting processing"  You will then be redirected back to the "Un-matched Imported Payment Records" list. Repeat this step for each of the un-matched imported payment records.

11. Remove any non-parent payments from this list by selecting remove

12. You are now ready to finalise the payments by selecting the process imported payments tab

13. Select the "Payment Method/Tender"  and click on the "Process Now" button.

14. You will then see a list of Payments matched Successfully.