Setting up General Ledger / Accounting Export

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SimplySwim provides functionality to export financial data from your SimplySwim site into an accounting / general ledger application.  Each application has its own export/import format and as such, each application requires a specialised file format.

Currently supported accounting applications:

  • Xero
  • TASS

Setup Requirements

A number of components require configuration before data can be successfully exported from SimplySwim.

These tasks are listed in no particular order, however, all must be completed before proceeding.

Control Account / Trade Debtors Account (Configuration -> System Setup ->Accounting Export Setup)

- Create an asset account in your accounting application labelled SimplySwim Control Account.  SimplySwim import uses accrual practises when importing invoices.  Do NOT use an already existing or already setup account within your accounting application.

- Enter the new account number (from above) into SimplySwim (Configuration -> System Setup ->Accounting Export Setup -> Trade Debtors Account)

Enter the tax code from your accounting application that is equivalent to 'BAS Excluded' / 'Not Reportable'.  (eg: For MYOB: N-T)

Revenue Accounts (Configuration > Revenue Types)

- Using data from your chart of accounts, ensure each Revenue Type in SimplySwim has an accounting application account code assigned.  These codes MUST match the exact code as used in your accounting application.

- Ensure each Revenue Type in SimplySwim also has a default tax type assigned.

Tax Types  (Configuration > Taxes)

- Whilst there are not many Tax Types, each one must have the appropriate accounting application tax code assigned.  (eg: MYOB generally uses two different codes: GST  and  FRE)

- Ensure the Tax Value is correct for each Tax Type.

Tender / Payment Types (Configuration > Tenders)

- Each Tender Type in SimplySwim must be mapped to an account.  Generally, this is to a back account, however, some adjustment or reversing payment types may be mapped to income accounts.

- Tender Types entries can be imported in to ways.  Either as a bulk amount to an account for each day (eg: cash / EFTPOS), or as individual entries to the account (eg: Direct Credit / Bank Deposit).   To enable individual detailed payments to transfer to your accounting application, enable the 'Send Detailed Information to Accounting Package' option for each Tender Type.

Trade Debtors / Control Account Balance

The balance of the newly created SimplySwim Control Account reflects the value of invoices created in SimplySwim that have not yet been paid.  This amount is known as the Control Account balance.  After completing an Import of data into your accounting application the value of your Control Account should match the Control Account balance report generated from SimplySwim.  This process ensures integrity in the data being transferred from SimplySwim to your accounting application.

Please refer to the following documents for additional information:

Available Accounting Import Formats

How to Import Accounting Data into Xero

Last updated: 24 June 2021

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