1. Go to "Configuration"

2. Under "Company" click on "System Setup

3. Click on "System"

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tick "Enable Passes". Click on the blue "Save Changes" button.

5. Go back to "Configuration"

6. Under "Point of Sale/Inventory" click on "POS Item Categories"

7. Add a "POS Item Category". You could call it "Passes" or "Admin". Fill in the other details and click on the blue "Save POS Category" button.

8. Under "Point of Sale/Inventory" click on "POS Items"

9. Click on the green "Add Item" Button

10. Fill in the following details. Make sure you do NOT click to "Show in QuickSell Screen" option and DO click on "Is this a Pass Item" option. Cick on the blue "Save" button

11. Go back to "Configuration" tab.

12. Under "Point of Sale/Inventory" click on "Pass Types"

13. Click on the green "Add Pass Type" button.

14. Fill in the type of pass it is Eg: Aqua Aerobics, Lap Swimming. Click the blue "Save" button.

15. Click on the Yellow "Edit Folder" next to the pass type to add passes.

16. Click on the green "Add Pass Item" Button.

17. Fill out the details of the pass and click the blue "Save Pass Item" button.

You can now go into a family and add a new pass

18. In the "Family Information" screen under Entry Passes click the green "Issue New Pass" button.

19. Select the "Pass Type" and click on the blue "Next" button.

20. Select the "Pass Item" and click on the blue "Next" button

21. Enter in a Pass/Card Number and again in the next bar to confirm (each card must have a different number to identify (a.) what the pass is for and  (b.) to mark off entries allowed on each pass). Once completed select the blue "Next" button.

22. It will now show up on your "Family Information" page as pictured below.

23. If you select the green "View" button it will give you more information.