Xero Initial Integration Setup

Modified on Thu, 07 Jan 2021 at 12:31 PM

Setting up SimplySwim and Xero Integration

Accounting Export Setup 

In Xero select the Accounting tab and then select Chart of accounts from the dropdown list. Next select the Add Account tab

Create a new account as follows,  Choose Current Asset from the Account Type dropdown list, enter a unique accounting number in the Code text box, in the Name text box name the account SimplySwim Debtor Control and then choose BAS Excluded from the Tax dropdown list. Once you have completed the required fields select Save.

In SimplySwim go to configuration / System Setup / Accounting Export Setup. In the Accounting Export Format text box type XERO in uppercase, In the Trade Debtors Account type the unique accounting number associated with the SimplySwim Debtor Control account you just created in Xero (6-000) and in the Trade Debtors Tax Code type BAS Excluded.


In SimplySwim go to Configuration / Financial / Taxes. Here you should have the following three Taxes, GST, GST Free & BAS Excluded. (Note the Accounting Tax Code is case sensitive and should be entered exactly as shown in the image below. If any of the three taxes are missing select the Add Tax tab to add a new tax.

Revenue Types

Revenue types are used in SimplySwim to categorise income. A Xero revenue account needs to be created to match each Revenue Type in SimplySwim. Once you have created the Xero account you will need to match the accounting code from Xero to the Revenue Type in SimplySwim.

To do this click on the Configuration tab and then select Revenue Types

Select the edit folder next to Revenue Type and enter the accounting code created in Xero for this Revenue Type. Repeat steps for each Revenue Type.

Note: Once you have setup your Revenue Types you will need to check POS Items and price levels are all associated with the correct revenue types and Taxes

Tender Types

Tenders are the methods in which you except payment from your clients and could include cash, eftpos, bank transfers etc. Each payment associated to a Tender Type in SimplySwim must be associated with a Xero account for eg. Cash Tenders in SimplySwim would normally be linked to a Cash on Hand Xero account, Eftpos/Credit Card tenders in SimplySwim would normally be linked to a Eftpos Clearing Xero account and Bank transfer tenders in SimplySwim would normally be linked to your Xero trading bank account etc.

Once the appropriate accounts have been created in Xero you will need to match the accounting code to the Tender Types in SimplySwim.

To do this click on the configurations tab and then select Tenders. 

Next select the Edit folder next to the appropriate Tender Type and then add the Accounting code from Xero in the Accounting Asset Code text box. Then select Add Tender to save.

Repeat these steps for each Tender Type.

Once these steps have been completed SimplySwim is now ready to export to Xero

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