1.  Go to the Students Information screen.

2. Click on "Add Waiting List Request"


3. Fill in the fields with the students availability.


4. Click Process "Wait List Request". The request will then be saved on the students record as pictured below.


5. You can see all Waiting List Request by clicking "View All Waiting List Requests" in the left hand column menu.



6. To process any of the matches click on "Process Matches". 

7. It will then bring up all of the students with a waiting list match. You can then contact the parent and ask them if they wish to take the position. If they do them you can click "Accept" if not you can then click on "Cancel Request". PLEASE NOTE: You will need to be careful with this function if you offer discounts. If you do, best practise is to go into the family, end their current enrolment and then you can go back into the "waitlist" and accept the new time and day.

8. Make sure you are very specific with the enrolment start date and that it does not cross over with their old lesson otherwise if you offer discounts it will effect the pricing.