Statements, Invoices and Transaction Listings

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Statements, Invoices and Transaction Listings are three different ways to display a family's account transactions.

Where a family requests more detail on their account, we recommend to direct them to the SimplyPortal App or the Customer Portal Website to view their account balance, account transactions, payments and upcoming attendances. Empowering families to access and view this information themselves will significantly reduce staff administration time. Refer to this article for further detail if you do not have all these settings visible in your customer portal: Configuring Your Customer Portal.

Staff can provide this same detail to families if required, and this article talks through your options relating to what transactional detail is available in SimplySwim regarding a family account.


For Centres that send out invoicing, these are sent to a family in the form of a Statement.

Statements contain a summary of the family account. Starting with the opening balance (being the balance of the family's account prior to the current invoiced period of this statement) followed by listing all summarised charges (invoiced lesson total for the period) relating to all students as well as any POS charges, credits, adjustments and payments within the current invoiced period. The closing balance shows the amount to pay. Example:

Statements can be sent in bulk (Administration -> 'Send Bulk Statements by Email') or individually (from the Family's file 'Statement' -> 'Email Statement').

STATEMENTS NOTEStatements display information from the current invoiced period. However, if you have invoiced more than one Fee Calculation Template and one Fee Calculation Template has been invoiced for a longer period of time, this will impact what information is displayed on the Statements but will not affect the closing balance / amount 'Due to Pay'. You can check the current invoiced dates at Administration -> Auto Generate Lesson Invoices. Refer also to: Why don't enrolment changes show on the Statement.

If a family requests a receipt that contains charges and their payment, as long as it is still within the statement display dates you can click on 'Statement' -> 'Email Statement' from the family's Finance section. Example:


Each enrolment or transaction creates an invoice for either a debit or credit. Any payment / surcharge fee will also be recorded in the Finance. Clicking on the corresponding invoice will bring up the detail of that invoice. Example:

Clicking on the invoice from the Finance summary....

....will display the invoice detail that can be viewed and printed or emailed directly to the Billing Contact:

Viewing the PDF will show you what the family will see if you email their invoice:

INVOICES NOTEInvoices do not show the Family's account balance. They show only the charges/credits relating to that particular invoice. If a family has only one child and they want to see a breakdown of their lesson charges, you can email them their lesson invoice.

Transaction Listings

Transaction Listings are a good way to provide further detail to a family on the status of their account. To view a Transaction listing, click 'View All' in the family's Finance heading bar.

Enter the Start and End Dates for the range you want to view and click 'Search'. Make sure you change the year - the default start date is 1 year prior to the current date, and the default end date is one year post the current date.

At the bottom of the screen, you have the option to 'Show on Screen' or 'Email to Billing Contact' from the drop down menu. Clicking on the green 'Print / Send Transaction Listing' will perform the action selected in the dropdown box.

Ticking the 'Print Summarised Version' box will summarise the invoice charges in one line. Without ticking the box, individual transactions will show line by line. Example:

Not summarised shows each transaction individually:

With the 'summarised' box ticked, items are summarised like they appear on a Statement:

Last updated 23 February 2024

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