A way to apply a payment to a family is through their Family Information Screen.


1. Go to the Families Information screen by using either the "Quick Search" function on the left hand side of you screen or in the "Families" tab.

2. In the "Finance" section click on the green "Make a Payment" button.

3. This will then take you to the "Make a Payment" screen.

                                        1. Put in the outstanding amount or the amount the family is wishing to pay off

                                        2. Select the payment type the family is paying

                                        3. Click on the blue "Apply Payment" button

4. Make sure all details on the following page are correct then select the blue "Process Payment" button.

5. Now click on the "(Back to Family)" button. This will take you back to the Family screen.

6. Have a quick check in the families "Finance" section to make sure the amount is correct.