Cancelling a make-up lesson to enable re-booking

There are two ways to cancel a make-up lesson that will give the lesson back to the family and allow them to re-book the lesson. This is intended only to be used if a family gives ample notice to re-book, not for a same day cancellation, but is down to your discretion.

Through Family Screen


1. To cancel a make-up lesson from the family screen, you need to click on the student the make-up is for to go into the "Student Information" screen and scroll down to "Attendance". Here you will be able to see the make-up lesson attendance (marked with the asterisk). Click on the "Attendance" button (yellow folder icon) next to the make up date you wish to cancel.

2. Here you can select your reasoning as to why the make-up is being cancelled (you create these in Configuration --> Non Attendance Reasons). If you allow customers to re-book make-ups or you need to rebook the make-up for your own reasoning you can select a non attendance reason with (Make-up) in brackets. This will ensure the customer gets that make-up allocated back to them. If you select a reason with ( / ) the customer will not have another make up owing.

Through Attendance Screen

1. You can also mark a make-up through the attendance screen. See image below. Just select the same attendance reason that gives a make-up back to the family in their attendance.

Last updated 27 April 2021

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