Limit Makeup Booking by Outstanding Account Balance

Modified on Wed, 25 Oct 2023 at 12:22 PM

This setting is found at:

Configuration -> System Setup -> Customer Portal

Limit Makeup Booking by Outstanding Account Balance

This setting allows you to block a family's ability to book make-up lessons through the customer portal based on the standing of their account. Make-ups can still be booked through the Family screen in SimplySwim by staff.

The box in this setting must be ticked AND a number of days entered in the field "Makeup Booking Balance Calculation Outstanding Days" for this configuration to be active.

ON / Enabled

When enabled (ticked) AND a number of days entered in the corresponding field, families will not be able to book student make-up lessons if their account is outstanding according to the number of days configured.  

OFF / Disabled 

When disabled (not ticked), families will be able to book make-ups regardless of the standing of their account.


Families will not be blocked from booking make-ups if:

- the box is ticked but the corresponding number of days field is blank

- the number of days is entered but the box to limit make-up bookings based on account balance is not ticked 

- their account balance is in line with the settings (i.e. they are not overdue for the calculated value in the outstanding days field).

Makeup Booking Balance Calculation Outstanding Days

Whilst the feature request was built to allow centres to prevent make-up classes for 'overdue' families, overdue is a concept that we generally don't use in SimplySwim.

The calculation here looks at the invoice generated for each lesson attendance and adds up the payments receipted onto the family for the same period of time.  If this calculation is $0 or a negative value, then we assume the family account is up to date and will allow a make-up booking.  If the calculated lesson value is higher than the total payments on the Family, then we assume the Family is not up to date (overdue) and will then prevent make-up bookings.

The Outstanding Days value is how many days in the past we calculate and consider an account 'overdue'.  Our recommendation when enabling this would be to set the value to 14 (days) to start with, then login to the portal as a staff member for a handful of families, checking their ability to book a make-up. You can then adjust the number of days accordingly.

For centres with portal payments enabled, the customer is automatically redirected to the Payment page when a make-up booking attempt is blocked.  Once a payment has been made, the customer can instantly perform a make-up booking again.

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