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SimplySwim has been created to be very user friendly with a "read the screen" ease of operation. 

Your Navigation tabs are located across the top of every screen (blue when you are on that screen, green if not). The number of tabs you have will depend on your subscription level (e.g. you may not have Enquiries).

Quick actions are located on the left hand side running down the screen. Here you can see or perform quick actions like tasks, a quick search, Certificates (if you have this module), waitlist actions etc.

Your "Help & Support" widget is the blue button located on the right hand side of every screen. You can easily contact support or search for help / "how to" / troubleshooting articles by clicking on this button.

The Navigation tabs across the top, the Quick actions down the left hand side, and the help & support widget on the right hand side will appear on every screen so they are accessible from any page.

Your home page is your Attendance screen

This shows your running sheet for the day in order of class time. Classes already over will show in red. Classes still to be conducted are shown in black. You can see the student name and parent name next to them in brackets, you can mark off attendance, and you can see a snapshot of the family finance. You can also send a bulk SMS to the class if it needs to be cancelled (e.g. teacher is away sick). At the top of the class lists, you can print out a report by teacher, AM, PM, by area or full day if needed. You can go forward or backward by date.

POS screen

Your next tab is your POS - or Point Of Sale - screen. This is completely customisable to your business and is set up in your Configuration tab. This is the only page where you will not see the Help & Support widget or quick actions.

Families screen

This page allows you to Add a New Family, search for a family/student/occupation, list active students, and will show a list of 15 of your most recent new families.

Classes screen

This gives your overview of classes. You can set this by Area, by Day, or by Week. You can also filter by class level and teacher. You can also add a new class to your schedule here.

Enquiries screen

If you have Enquiries activated, you can see and respond to them here. If you have a new enquiry, a red exclamation mark will appear on the Enquiries navigation tab.

Tasks screen

Here you can add and assign tasks. Tasks will then appear in your "My Tasks" section on the left hand side of the screen.

Document Library screen

Shows any documents you may have saved.

Administration screen

This is one of your main action screens. Here you perform your business administration tasks such as invoicing, direct debit, communication campaigns, process bulk non-attendance, expire un-used make-ups in bulk, process supplier invoices etc.

Reports screen

This screen contains a multitude of reports that can be run on your business data - attendance details, payment details, active students, POS sales, etc.

Configuration screen

This is another major screen for business operations. This shows you:

- System Information

  • your Site ID, 
  • Customer Portal Link, 
  • Online Enquiry link;

- Your Subscription

  • your subscription details and due date of payment, 
  • the ability to update payment details and change your subscription plan, 
  • your number of Active Students and your number of Active Families;

- Configuration:

Probably the most important section. This is where we help configure your system specific to your operations. This is where you set your price levels, create your users and teachers, set your class assessment levels, set up your POS and inventory/stock, set your Direct Debit types and revenue types, create non-attendance reasons, create SMS and E-Mail templates, create pass types, create your certificate layouts and can view SMS logs to name but a few functions on this very important screen.

Logout / Lock screen

This is where you can login or lock your centre's site.

Last updated 14 April 2021 by Jo Rogers

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