Adding a student to a class / creating an enrolment

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This article explains how to enrol a student into a class. A "cheat sheet" is also attached as a printout that you can keep handy for staff if needed.

You can add a student to a class from either the Family Information screen, Student screen or the Classes tab screen. Students can be enrolled into more than one class at a time if needed. You would follow the same steps for each enrolment (alternatively, refer to Enrolling a Student into a Multi Class Enrolment).


Enrolling a Student from the Family / Student Screen

1. If it is a new student or the student is not currently enrolled into a class you can enrol them into a class straight from the family screen. See picture below. Click on the green "Add (student name) to Class" button.

2. A pop up window of classes for the same level that is set for the student will appear to choose from. Select the class you would like to enrol the student. If the student is enrolling during the term you need to make sure you click on the actual date they will start their first lesson so they are billed correctly.

3. It will then bring you to the "New Class Enrolment" screen. 

a. Make sure the "Enrolment Start Date" is correct. This should be the date of the first lesson.

b. Leave the "Enrolment End Date" as the default. Generally the student will stay in this class until they either change level, change day or time then there is no need to touch the Enrolment End Date.

c. Check the class details are correct. (If not, go back).

d. "Hold Spot Until Start Date". Tick this box if there are one or more lessons in between the date you are enrolling the student, and the date they are starting lessons (e.g. you are enrolling on the 3rd of May and they are not starting until the 26th of May). This is really important to do if there is any kind of gap in timing. Why? Because it will hold a $0.00 place for the student and not allow any overbooking in the class. 

For example, say a student is not starting for 3 weeks and you do not tick a hold spot, and they have taken the last place in that class. You may have another student book in within that 3 weeks and all seems fine, then you hit the next week where that original student booked in, and you are overbooked. If there is any kind of gap, tick the hold spot box!

e. Special Pricing. If you want to put in a special price, you have the option to do so here. You must both tick the box and enter the price in the field below that tick box (without the $). Maybe this is a special 0.00 enrolment - whatever the case may be. If you do not need a special price, leave this blank. 

f. The "Default Price Structure" is from the class setup and cannot be changed here, but it will tell you what the student will be billed for - in the example below, it is "Learn to Swim". 

g. "Price Structure Override" - here you have the option to override the Default Price Structure. Generally this is not needed and you would leave it set to "None / No Override". If you do need to do override, select the new price structure from the drop down menu.

Click on the blue "Save" button.

4. This will bring you to the next window to confirm your enrolment and allow you to select your price. 

a. "Current Lesson Billing" will show any other current enrolments the student may have.

NOTE: This does not indicate the amount the student will be billed for the class you are enrolling them into. It will display any amounts a student has previously been billed (i.e. if they have had a recent enrolment or have another existing enrolment).

b. "Class name" is the current class you are enrolling the student into.

c. "Select Price for this Enrolment" - VERY IMPORTANT

NOTE: this selection is for the current billing cycle only. For the new billing cycle SimplySwim will calculate lesson values based on what you select here.

You can choose your pricing calculation for this enrolment by selecting either "Automatic Calculation" or selecting from the price matrix.

Automatic Calculation: SimplySwim will calculate the billing position based on Student Enrolments and number of other enrolled students in the family. You must be very careful of enrolment start and end dates, especially if you have discounting built in to your price matrix and you have just ended another enrolment for this student.

NOTE: You can switch Automatic Calculation off in your system configuration so that staff are forced to select a price from the price matrix instead. If you would like to switch this option off, go to Configuration > System setup > Enrolment and tick the box "Force Price Matrix (initial billing) selection for New Enrolments" and save.

Price Matrix Selection: Select the position in the price matrix that you would like the enrolment charged.

This is where your selection of dates is so important. If the student is already in another class and you have ended their enrolment but not done this correctly, you could end up charging the second enrolment price rather than the first enrolment price (e.g. say the end date of the previous enrolment and the start date of the new enrolment are in the same week, the system will pick this up as a second enrolment for the one student and charge the discounted amount when in fact you want to charge the first enrolment price). If you want to make 100% certain that a family is charged the price you want regardless of dates that have been entered, select from the price matrix.

Click the blue "Save" button.

5. You will be brought back to the "Family Information" screen. Here you can see the student is now enrolled into the selected class.

Please note: You can also follow the previous steps from the students screen and click on the green "New Class Enrolment" button.

Enrolling a Student from the Classes Screen

1. Find and click on the class you wish to enrol the student into.

2. At the bottom of the screen there is an option to "Add Student to Class". Start typing in a few letters and the name should come up in a list with similar names. Click on the student you wish to add and it will take you to the enrolment screen. IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to make sure the student is highlighted white otherwise it will not take you to the next screen.

3. This will bring you back to the "New Class Enrolment" screen. From here follow from steps 3 in the 

From the Student Screen section above.

Last updated 24 October 2022

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