Block Make-ups for Specific Classes or Class Levels

You can block make-ups from being booked via the customer portal either by class level or by specific class/es.

Blocking Make-ups by Class Assessment Level

1. Go to Configuration.

2. Click on Class Assessment Levels.

3. Click on the name of the level you wish to block make-ups in to open your options for that level.

4. Tick the box "Block Portal Makeup Bookings for this Level", and then save the change by clicking on "Modify Level". Your customers will not be able to book in to any class from that level via the portal (new portal only).

Blocking Make-ups by Class

1. Go to Classes.

2. Click on the class/es you wish to block make-ups in and then click on "Edit Class". 

3. Tick the box to "Block Portal Makeup Bookings for this Class" and save changes.

The Class Information will show if make-ups have been blocked for the portal with a Yes or No:


A few things to take note of:

- make-ups can still be booked in to "blocked" classes/class levels from within SimplySwim.

- make-up blocks apply from the new customer portal only. Please make sure you update your links to the portal from your configuration page if you are still using the old version.

Last updated: 6 December 2021

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