Limiting Make-up Classes Earned by a Student

You can configure your system to limit the number of make-up classes a student can earn within the period of the current 'billing run'. This is based on the Fee Calculation Template of the class that the make-up was earned from (that is, the class where the student had a non-attendance reason that gave (or would normally give) them a make-up for that absence).

The default of the system is 999, meaning that unless you change the configuration, make-up class earnings will be unlimited (or limited to 999 meaning a student would have to have 999 notified absences that gave them a make-up within the current billing period).


To place a limit (maximum) on make-up lessons within a billing period:

1. Go to Configuration

2. Click on "Fee Calculation Template" 

3. Click on the Fee Calculation Template you wish to place a make-up limit on and enter a number in the "Maximum Makeup Classes a Student can earn in a period for this Fee Calculation Template" field and "Save Changes". 

For example, if you allow only 2 make-ups per billing period, enter 2 in the field and save changes.

Repeat this step for every Fee Calculation Template that you wish to limit make-ups within.

Student Attendance Display

From the Student Screen, click on "View All" in the Attendance section to view additional information about make-up classes earned and/or (if applicable) reasons why a make-up class was not earned for a specific Attendance Record.

Please note:

  • Making changes to the make-up limit value during the current billing period will not impact / take into consideration Make-up Classes already earned by students where a Make-up would have been blocked by the new limit. If you make a change partway through a billing period, please keep this in mind.
  • Limits apply for EACH Fee Calculation Template, eg: If a limit is set for multiple Fee Calculation Templates as LTS = 2 and Squad = 4, a Student could earn up to 6 Makeup Classes being 2 for LTS and 4 for Squad.
  • These limits do not block the ability for allowable Make-ups to be booked.
  • Manual additions or subtractions to a Student's Make-up Balance can still be made.
  • Existing logic and functions for Make-up Class expiry remains in place.

Last updated: 20 December 2021

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