Sending Statements - Checklist

Modified on Wed, 31 Mar 2021 at 03:45 PM

When you have completed your Bulk Invoice Generation, you are ready to send out your Statements. You don't need to send the statements immediately after your invoice generation, but it is a good idea to do this within 24 hours. 

Before you send out your statements (Sending Statements by Bulk), follow this checklist to make sure you have everything set up and ready to go.

1. Check the content of your Statement Email 

Go to your Configuration tab and click on "E-Mail / SMS Templates" in the "Communication Groups" header. Your "Statement E-Mail" will be down the bottom of the list. Click on the yellow folder (on the left hand side in the "Actions" column) to view the statement content. It is best to leave this statement as generic as possible as it will go out each time you send your statements. Anything between the %% symbols is an auto-fill field, do do not change this (e.g. %%FAMILYNAME%%).

2. Receipt Messages

If you want a specific message on the statement, add this as a Receipt Message rather than editing your generic statement each time you are invoicing. You can set a date range for the message so that it only appears for a certain time. An example could be: 

We will be closed for the Easter long weekend from Friday 2nd April 2021 through to Monday 5th April 2021 inclusive. All lessons outside of these dates will operate as normal through the school holidays. 

If you want the message to always be there, leave the end date as 2030. 

You can have more than one "Receipt Message" on a statement.

For detailed instructions on how to add a receipt message, see Adding a Message to All Statements.

3. Check billing is correct

We suggest that once you have generated your invoices, take a few minutes to check a few families to make sure everything looks correct with their billing. Click on "Statement" in the family section to make sure your receipt message/s displays correctly as well (if applicable).

4. Sending Statements

When you are ready to send out your statements by bulk, go to your Administration tab. On the top right hand corner of this screen, click on "Send Bulk Statements by E-Mail". 

Here, by ticking the checkbox and/or highlighting the option, you can opt to:

- exclude families with a current Direct Debit agreement (if you do not tick the box, these families will receive a statement)

- exclude families with a $0.00 or a credit balance (if you do not tick the box, these families will receive a statement)

- filter specific Fee Calculation Templates (if you do not tick the box and pick one or more templates, the statements will go to all who have been billed).

Then click "Send now".

You have now completed all steps!

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