Adding a Direct Debit Agreement - PayRix (Formerly IntegraPay)

Family Direct Debit Agreements are created in the families page.

Go down to "Active Direct Debit Agreements" and click on "Manage Direct Debit".

Then Click "Add Direct Debit Agreement"

You can select what Direct Debit type you want which is created during the configuration process. You can select a start and end date that this agreement is active through if you need. You can also select a preset amount which will override the automatic calculation and take a desired amount every time. Once the agreement is set up it wont be active

An eDDR will need to be sent to the family for them to complete to make the agreement Active. 

You can also resend the eDDR out to families if they haven't completed it. If you go to the Direct Debit Agreement and click the magnifying glass it will give you the option to resend it to the family

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