Adding a payment option to your portal

Allowing customers to have access to view and pay their accounts on their personalised portal is a great way to save you time and money. Some customers will find it easy to pay their account online at any time of the day or night, no matter where they are. They can log in and view what their outstanding amount is, see when their children are enrolled into classes, notify of absences, book make-ups and make their payments with a few easy steps.

All payments through the SimplySwim Online Customer Portal are processed securely using Pin Payments. As the payment provider they do charge a small processing fee however there is no ongoing monthly fee for having the facility active.

Setting Up Online Payments

1. You will need to contact Pin Payments to create an account with them to enable your business to accept online credit card payments through the SimplySwim API, without the requirement of having a merchant account. The process is very easy.

Follow this link to get started Pin Payments

2. Once you have contacted Pin Payments and have set up your account you will receive an email from them with information that needs to be entering in SimplySwim.

      Configuring Online Payments in SimplySwim

  •      Create a new Tender Type calle "Online Payments" this is an electronic tender type.
  •      Enter the information you received in your Pin Payments email in under "Configuration" then "System Setup" and under "Customer Portal".  Select          the Tender Type as Online Payments. 
  •      Once the following information has been added you can click on the blue "Save Changes" button.

Alternatively contact support and we are able to assist you with this.

 Viewing a Customer Portal to Confirm Set-Up

We recommend viewing a families customer portal to make sure that the option is there for them to use. To do this follow these steps.

1. Go into a family and click on "Edit Customer Portal Options"

2. Click on "Login to Portal" and it will take you to the customers portal home page.

3. You will then find the "Make Payment" option down the left hand side to view how the portal payment option will look.

4. Once a customer has made a payment it will update their account a balance on their portal and SimplySwim family page under finance.

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