Configuring Your Customer Portal

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The Customer Portal has been designed to make life easier for you and your customers. Your site comes with your own unique Customer Portal link to add to your website and social media pages or to easily share with your customers via email or SMS.


Full functionality of the Customer Portal will significantly reduce your administration time by giving your customers the ability to:

  • Notify absences
  • Book make-up lessons
  • Make online payments
  • Check upcoming lesson dates
  • View attendance history
  • View skills progression per student
  • View awarded Certificates and share them to Facebook 
  • Contact the centre via email
  • Update basic contact details and
  • View and agree to centre policies.


The Customer Portal is perfect for engaging clients with your program. It was designed to be user-friendly and to help your families stay connected with you at their leisure. Whether it is in the middle of the day or late at night, customers don’t need to call – they can just log in!

For the initial setup to enable Customer Portal access (this only needs to be done if you have not used the Customer Portal before this point), go to Configuration > System Setup > System and tick the box "Enable Customer Portal" and "Save Changes".

To configure your customer portal, simply follow these steps below.

1. Go to the "Configuration" tab.

2. Under the "Company" heading click on "System Setup". 

3. Click on "Customer Portal".

4. Here you can configure / edit your portal settings (explanation for each option is below the image).

Once you have made all necessary changes, click on the blue "Save Changes" button in the bottom right-hand corner. You can come back and edit these at any time.

Disable Account Transactions 

- Tick this box if you do not want families seeing all transactions from their family finance section. (Transactions include all charges, credits, adjustments and payments).

- Leave unticked if you want families to be able to see all transactions from the family finance section for the past 30 days. 

Disable Account Balance

- Leave unticked (recommended) if you want to display their current account balance. Families will see their account balance so they know if they need to make payment.

- Tick this box is you do not want families to see their account balance.

Disable Make-up Class Bookings

- Leave unticked (recommended) if you want families to be able to check for and book make-up lessons themselves.

- Tick this box if you do not want to allow make-ups to be booked through the customer portal.

Disable Contact Us 

- Leave unticked (recommended) if you want families to be able to contact you this way. Their message will be delivered to your inbox and will include their family name and ID number.

- Tick this box if you do not want families to be able to contact you through the portal.

Disable Non Attendance

- Leave unticked (recommended) so that families can mark student absence/s through the portal. 

- Tick this box if you do not want families to be able to notify a non-attendance through the portal.

Days in advance Non Attend Allowed 

- this is where you set how many days in advance families can notify that a student will be absent from their lesson. This is at the discretion of your centre and should be in line with your policies and how far in advance you wish to be notified of an absence. A common setting is if you invoice per term is 120, meaning families can notify of an absence up to 120 days in advance. If you invoice monthly, you may wish to set this to 30 days. 

Minutes before Class Time Non Attend allowed

- you can set a number of minutes before a class time where families can still notify of a student absence but will not be awarded a make-up. A setting of 0 will allow non-attendance up to the lesson start time without awarding a make-up. A lot of centres find this to be a great time saver for them not having to field those last minute phone calls.

Minutes before Class Time to Block Makeup Allowed for Non Attend (still allows Non-Attend, just prevent a Makeup being given.)

- this is where you set how many minutes before a lesson start time that a family can notify of an absence to receive a make-up. Some centres have this set to 30 minutes (e.g. if they pick their child up from school and they are sick, they have time to notify the centre of a non-attendance), some centres have it as 60 minutes, some have it as 4 hours (240 minutes). This is at the discretion of your centre and should be in line with your policies and how much notice you require.

Earn a Makeup for Non-attendance of a Makeup Class (if Non-Attend reason allows a makeup)

- Do you allow a make-up for a make-up if they meet the notice requirements? 

If yes, tick this box.

If no, leave the box unticked.

Disable SMS for Verification Code

NOTE: This option is only applicable if you have an SMS account setup in SimplySwim. Please email Support ( if you would like more information on SMS or to set up an SMS account for your centre.

- Tick this box if you do not want families to receive their verification code to register for the customer portal via SMS.

- Leave unticked (recommended) for families to receive their portal verification via SMS. 

Disable display of Skill Last Updated Date

NOTE: Only applicable if you use the Certificates & Skills module (Elite subscription).

- Tick this box if you do not want families to see the date that student's skills were last updated.

- Leave unticked to display the last updated date against each skill.

Makeup Booking Balance Calculation Outstanding Days

- this function allows you to set a number of days you consider an account to be outstanding in order to block make-up lessons being booked through the portal. Customers whose accounts are in good standing will be able to book make-ups as normal. Those families whose accounts are not inline with your configuration will be blocked from booking a make-up and redirected to the payment page (if you have payments configured through your portal) or advised that they need to make a payment before they are able to book a make-up lesson. Please note, SimplySwim does not calculate the outstanding amount on the total account balance, but rather the standing of the account within the timeframe you set compared to the current date. You must also tick the box below to activate this setting.

Limit Makeup Booking by Outstanding Account Balance

- Tick this box if you fill out the above field and want make-up lessons blocked by an outstanding account balance over the number of days set above.

- You do not need to tick this box if you do not want to restrict make-ups by account balance.

Redirect Families to New Family Portal

(Only applicable to SimplySwim sites prior to 2022).

- Tick this box (recommended) if you ever utilised portal v1 ("old portal") so that your families will be redirected to the "new" portal. Reason being that full functionality of blocking make-ups, policies and updates are only located in the new portal.


Adding a Payment option

Adding a payment option to your portal saves you time and money in reconciliation of accounts. Families simply login to their portal, make their payment and this is automatically receipted against their account in SimplySwim.

You will need to create an account with one of our third party payment providers:

- Payrix (for online payments and / or direct debit):

- Pin Payments (for online payments only): 

Refer to these articles for setup of payments for your provider:

Configuring Customer Portal payments (Payrix)

Configuring Customer Portal payments (Pin Payments)


Additional aspects to consider when setting up your portal


Non-Attendance Reasons

We recommend having different terminology to your regular non-attendance reasons as it is nicer to have some softer language with your customer interface but also so that you can distinguish them at a glance as being from the portal. 

We recommend grouping these together with a sort order of 50 so they are lower down in your list of reasons for staff not to use. 

Some examples could be (20 character limit):

Something came up

I am sick

I am on holidays

Parent working

Parent sick

School commitment

Activity clash today

You can have as many reasons as you wish. Using softer language and giving more options can really help you pinpoint why you have absences. 

Make sure the "Make-up Given" and "Show in Customer Portal" options are ticked (if you do not give make-ups, do not tick the make-up box). Families will only be able to select a non-attendance reason that has "Show in Customer Portal" enabled. See article: Creating Non-Attendance Reasons

Welcome Message

You can add welcome messages to your portal where you can put information such as Term dates, when fees are due or any other relevant information. See article Adding a Welcome message to customer portal.

Launching your portal

Once you are happy with how your portal is set up you can send the portal link in an e-mail to your customers to start using or add the link to your social media page or website. See article How to tell your families about the Customer Portal

Last updated 3 Jan 2024

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